Just show up and DO YOUR BEST….. :-)

If your answer is yes, then that is probably the same for everyone, albeit some are better at dealing with self-doubt than others; but it doesn’t mean to say that they don’t experience it. Just because something makes you nervous doesn’t mean to say it should scare you too! Let’s remember that for later on. For now I’d like to touch on a book that has really brought me some helpful reminders over the last few weeks, it is called, ‘The Big Picture’ by Tony Horton. Tony Horton became world famous for being at the forefront of home fitness with his program called P90X, on the face of it you’d look at those TV ads for how to change your life and wonder if it works. Well I can tell you first hand that it does, but that’s not what we are here for, over the years he has refined his craft and changed the workout plans more and more, releasing P90X2, P90X3 and P90, which is the latest in the line of fitness schedules designed to change your body. What is left out of the marketing, probably because it can’t be explained in an advert are the mental changes that you go through doing a fitness program. If doesn’t matter if it is a home DVD fitness regime that you are doing or heading to the gym and being surrounded by people all striving for the same goals, you are all getting mentally stronger by just being there.
This brings me back to Tony’s book, I am reading it for the second time in 3 weeks and the reason for this is because I think what he is saying is everything I have been thinking for a while now but haven’t been able to articulate. Tony nails every aspect of living your life well and seeing the ‘Big Picture.’ He talks about applying simple laws to your life to govern your though trials and tribulations, successes and failures; but the one that resonates the most with me is Law Numero Uno! ‘Do your best and forget the rest.’ Never has something been so eloquently put. In other words get up get stuck in and forget about the things that were troubling you from the start.

Over the last few weeks as I have been doing training programs with people I have never met before, being in a room with 12 other people; having to talk and interact as well as teach has been a huge experience for me. Now I didn’t have to go to the training, I didn’t have to sign up and study and get qualified, but I did because I had a desire to share my health and fitness journey with others. Becoming a personal trainer is the best way I can become qualified to help, ‘pay it forward,’ to make a difference in the lives of others. The more I get into the training the more I realise that dealing with big groups of people is going to become a daily thing for me, and I am okay with that, but I wouldn’t have been a year ago. In fact a year and a half ago I used to manage staff, sometimes have to hold briefings in front of 20 people, and you know what I was never very good at getting my point across, I always got lost in my own head. If only I had Tony’s Law 1 stuck in my head then I would have done a better job. These past two weekends I have had to put myself out there, I’ve made mistakes and I have had an awesome time doing it. I have learned so much and I have been able to get confidence from that. You may be wondering how I managed to get confidence from mistakes I made in front of a group of people, well in my view people are just people, everyone is human and so we can’t be that far away from each other on a feelings front. If you are nervous, there is every chance that they are too. Whether you are nervous about speaking to a large group of people or nervous about trying something new, nervous about a job interview all you need to remember is Tony’s first law. People are just people, and if you are scared of looking stupid you just have to remember that everyone is human.

I remember sitting in English classes growing up, time and time again there would be those sessions where we would be reading a book like Jayne Eyre or something that we had to write about; this meant that we would need to read out loud, not simultaneously of course, but separately. I saw many people crumble under pressure in these types of situations and guess what, it happened to me and recently too! Just the other day I started to read something motivational to a person, just one person! And I got so caught up in thinking about what they were thinking that my brain just stopped. Instead of doing what I used to do at school, which was letting my brain stop in mid flow and flutter I stopped and re-grouped then continued.

It wasn’t perfect and guess what, neither is life, you just have to be there and be persistent, stop doubting yourself and things will happen. We learn to fear things from a young age and living life to it’s fullest shouldn’t be one of those things to fear, if you adopt the, ‘do your best approach’ then you can’t go too far wrong. I think I’m pretty tapped out for this post, but check out this video to see what I mean about Tony’s approach to life, some may see him as a bit OTT, and maybe he is at times; but he has had a profound impact on my mentality over the last few months and I’m sure given a chance his wise words will help you too!


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