A Simple Golf Workout

Hey guys! Back again with a new workout for all you avid golfers out there, these moves have helped me develop some core strength over the past few months. Whilst I can’t include a full spectrum of movements in a short workout these will certainly get you stronger. This can be done at home or in the gym which is the beauty of it! For those with established workout routines you might want to throw this into the mix, those who aren’t working out and want their golf to improve then this is a good way to get you going.
If you are serious about your fitness goals within golf then this is just an introduction and you can always give me a shout to write a more comprehensive workout schedule to improve co-ordination and explosive power.
Have fun with it guys and let me know how you progress!
(Are there any workouts that you’d like to see or any sports that you’d like to train for? Let me know and I’ll do my upmost to write you a fun training program.)

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