What’s The Story With Juicing Then?

This is not to be confused with the pasteurised ‘in-store’ juices that you see on the shelves in most shops. Home made juices are natural and don’t have any refined sugars in them. (Some supermarket chains are getting wise to the need for healthier options and do provide some natural juices on the shelves. My warning to you would be to read the label very carefully.)
If you have watched my video above then you will see that it is a fairly straightforward process to create a healthy and enjoyable drink from fresh fruits and vegetables.
People often ask me why I chose to do a juice detox to help me lose weight and the answer if simple; I was lost nutritionally. I was over eating the wrong foods and I looked and felt like a disaster. My sister had done a couple of Jason Vale’s detoxes with juicing to help her reboot her system and feel great. I did my reading, watched a couple of documentaries and decided it was the best way for me to gain control of my situation.
Another question I’m asked is if I eat ‘normal’ food again. And I guess that depends on what your version of ‘normal’ is. Do I eat solid food? Yes. ‘Normal’ food is really a matter of opinion, culture and or location these days. Our diets over the last 50 years have been altered so much by convenience foods and mass production of less perishable food; depending on where you live in the world ‘normal’ could mean anything: take some time to look at this link. http://www.walltowatch.com/view/28822/A+Week+of+Groceries+in+Different+Countries

We have the luxury in the UK of being able to walk into a supermarket and choose what ever we want from organic to processed foods. Based on what I see when I go to big supermarkets, people are less inclined to fill their trolley with fresh vegetables and fruits and more inclined to go for the packaged less perishable food. That is partially down to convenience but I think it’s more down to education: a lot of kids are growing up today never learning how to prepare fresh food, just bang some things in the oven from frozen and presto! Food! …Or is it food?
A few weeks ago the Daily Mail wrote a very questionable article about juicing; it mentioned Jason Vale by name and led to providing more conjecture about the juice detoxes that people are doing. I hate to read negative press about juicing it truly helped to save my life. I think because it is so different to what the ‘norm’ is then people brandish it with a nonsensical ‘fear factor.’ Questions like; ‘where do you get your fibre?’ Or ‘where do you get your protein?’ Or even ‘what about all the sugar?’, really get on my nerves, because the person asking them has probably never thought about those things when they indulge in their ‘normal’ diet. You see to me it is simple, a detox or juice program is designed to help with specific things: removing the rubbish from your system and cleansing your organs by feeding the body rich nutrient dense liquid. If you think about it rationally how could this be bad for you?
Most juices are designed to have vegetables and fruits to help balance them out. If you just juice fruits then your sugar content will be high, but it is still natural sugar,. Despite the fact that you have removed the most fibrous parts of the apple or carrot or whatever you juice you still have fibre in the juice. Believe it or not certain plants contain all the protein that you could ever need to help repair and look after the muscles in your body. Spinach (why do you think Popeye was so strong?) broccoli, kale and avocado, for example, are full of protein. Even today most educational documents neglect to list green vegetables and focus on animal proteins.
The body is a complex and wonderful machine, able to deal with a hell of a lot of stresses and strains that our modern lifestyle puts on us. We are generally less active as we have developed different ways of fulfilling the demands of a monetary based society. Much of our work is done at a desk; whilst cars, buses, trains and planes transport us. So sitting most of the day is strain number one. The next thing that our bodies have to deal with is the by-products of such a society, for example the gases and fumes we inhale, not to mention other harmful substances that we are exposed to throughout the day. Couple those strains with a diet high in the levels of animal protein, chemicals, processed food with high fructose corn syrup and very little nutrient rich vegetables and fruits then you have a recipe for huge strain on the body.
The body has to filter out all the rubbish and take nutrients from whatever is left to help build your new cells and help fight off sickness, to help you grow. Take for example Norman Walker, the man who invented juicing, he lived until he was 99 years old. He was a man who set out to bring juicing into the world and was actually cornered by health regulations which prevented him from keeping his juicing business running as they wanted him to pasteurise his juices to meet the ‘safety standards’ of the US. His mantra was that food that was cooked is food that is able to sustain human life, but will not allow us to thrive. I think that kind of sums up what I am trying to put across to you today. Realistically I don’t exactly stick to that mantra the way that I would like to but I certainly will do one day. It is a process though, right now I know that I enjoy eating the occasional piece of fish or chicken, but I have cut out refined sugar, caffeine and dairy. I used to struggle with migraines and headaches I can tell you cutting out that stuff was the best change I ever made. I think for me to launch into rant about the way that I see the food industry today would stifle the positive energy that I am trying to create with this blog. What I can say is this, if you have found what I have said here today mildly interesting then please do some research of your own on plant based diets, juicing and veganism. You don’t have to flip 180 degrees, but I certainly found that my whole life changed when I gave my body the ability to thrive.
What I have neglected to mention in this post is the importance of exercise along with a balanced diet, but there will be more on that in another post. I do find it truly amazing what the body can accomplish if it is given the right ingredients. I’ll leave you with a short list of books and documentaries that you can check out when you have some time.
Forks Over Knives
Any of Jason Vale’s Books, most recent SUPER JUICE ME
Reboot with Joe
Tune Your Mind and Body

Forks Over Knives
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 1 and 2
Each documentary follows the lives of some fascinating people from around the world as they try to bring a different perspective on food. A little research might blow your mind and inspire you to explore different avenues of nutrition. You never know, what you find might surprise you.
Take care for now!

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