Where I Have Been – Some Great News!

As you will have read or watched, I was preparing my good friend Jonny for the Airfield Anarchy 10km race which was held on a Saturday the 13th of June, it was such an amazing experience and I was part of a great team! Some of the pictures will be scattered through this post.
The thing that I would say about any kind of Mud Run or Mud Race is….. DO ONE! You will feel a great sense of achievement. You’ll meet new people and realise that you don’t have to be Superman to take part. In fact if you were Superman you wouldn’t need to train for it at all… Now that I think of it there was a guy dressed as Spiderman during the race, but he couldn’t have been the real one…. One funny part of the race was the foam at the end – I got covered in it and couldn’t see, then ended up running into a hay-bale. If only there was a picture of that!

There was also this mahoooooosive** slide called ‘Take Off.’ SCARY!

**(massive, mahoooooosive is a term I use for dramatic effect)

I digress; the mud run happened to fall on the week that I started my new job!  Is that a whoohoo I hear you screaming? Yes! I managed to land a part time position with Virgin Active in Solihull, so if you are in the area, swing by and say hi (on weekends) I’ll be there to motivate you! I also completed my Personal Training Level 3 assessment in June and passed! Is that another whoohoo I hear from you? Hopefully it is! 🙂

I am  going to learn as much as I can over the next few weeks, I have already met and got to know a few members who are really positive and uplifting people, they want to get fitter and stronger each day. One gent even has a broken leg but is still working out every day! It just goes to show what the body is capable of if we try and push ourselves. Now I’m not advocating that you go and break your leg to workout and be hardcore. He has just found a way that works for him and it allows him to push himself to achieve his goals.

I have a lot of content still to come for the Blog and the YouTube Channel so I invite you to stick around and be a part of something that I hope will continue to grow! With growing in mind I have been working on my posture over the last two months as well. Click here for the video. The reason for this is because my back has always been rounded, part of that is down to laziness and another part of that is down to the weight fluctuations over the last 10 years. I wish that I had paid more attention when I was a kid and older people would say, ‘don’t slouch!

Last week I was put through my paces with Virgin by doing the TRX and ViPR courses; in fact as I write this I am recovering a little from some of the movements! If you are unsure of what TRX is then have a look here and you’ll see how it turns gravity into your friend/ nemesis. ViPR training on the other hand is a whole different animal; to me it is one of the best bits of kit that I have ever used. I would highly recommend that you seek one out at your local gym, but I will be writing a bigger post on the ViPR so stay tuned!

There will be some cool changes with regards to Personal Training and Life Coaching on the website in the coming weeks, so if you are interested in getting some help it is never too early to enquire. Simply head to my ‘How to get in touch’ page and drop me a note if you’d like to know more.

I am super excited to share my journey with everyone and hopefully inspire along the way! My goal is to help people experience the positive changes that I have felt through better nutrition and exercise. If you follow me on social media you will have seen the picture below already, but I hope that in sharing my story and knowledge I can help inspire and motivate people to improve themselves, motivate and support others and make the world a stronger place to live in, so lets grow stronger together!

Stay strong and keep moving!

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