The Journey That Began Exactly Two Years Ago Today!

The reason I say this is because after about 4 days of eating and living healthy my focus of ‘losing a few pounds’ changed; I became more focused on becoming strongest version of myself that is possible. When I say that people often associate that with physical fitness and forget about the mental side, but we’ll get to that later…
Alas the journey continues and I am writing this today to say a huge THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to YOU! Yes that’s right by reading this you are showing support to me and it means a hell of a lot! Sharing my journey with people over the last 2 years has given me the chance to meet so many different people from so many different walks of life and I am truly grateful for that. If I had stayed the way I was it is very likely that I would have had a heart attack by now, so each day for me is another chance to get stronger!

My sister has been a huge pillar of support, she was the one who introduced me to juice cleanses to kick-start my health. This picture below was taken 2 years ago today! The result of months of conversations about my bad habits and how the simple nectar from fruits and vegetables could save my life. Thank you Lauren!


My parents have always encouraged and supported me and when I said that I was going to turn things around naturally they were right behind me. They have provided me the chance to refocus my life, which I am very thankful for.

To my new family – the friends, everyone following this blog, my YouTube channel, the Twitterers, Facebookers and Instagramers. You have showed me support and love over the last year and I thank you for your time. Time is the most valuable gift that you can give someone and I’m happy that you have given me yours by interacting, commenting and being a part of this small tribe that is forming. Together we can create positive energy, something that needs to keep growing and spreading through this world today.

To the new friends at Virgin Active and ZUU HQ and to all the members that show up each ZUU session at the gym I say thank you. Im grateful to share such an epic journey with you and I can’t wait for the next session! For those reading this not knowing what Zuu is then click here – Nathan Helberg has devoted his life to creating a culture and a legacy that will live on, inspire and help people for years to come.


Jason Vale with his juice cleanses was the starting point and I’ll always be thankful for the kickstart into wellness. I still drink one to two juices a day which gives my body the fuel needed to push forward in this life.

I can’t say enough about the BeachBody products either, Insanity and P90X have been a huge help in getting me off the couch and into exercise, they are what made me strong enough to stand in front of a camera and tell my story in my transformation video. With the right routine and a commitment to it you can achieve great things for your mind. Fitness isn’t just about looking better, it is about strengthening your resolve, pushing your mind and proving to yourself in every workout that you can achieve something even though it may be tough. It is a true reflection of life; you can take the easy road when the pain comes or you can fight, push and grind through the tough times to emerge stronger mentally and physically on the other side.

I’m truly happy that I can sit here today and share something positive with you, something that can inspire you to be the strongest version of yourself. I thank you again for clicking this link and reading my blog, I thank you for sharing my story with friends and for caring enough to give me your time.  Today I am grateful!

Stay Strong and Keep Moving lovely people!

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