Monday Motivation – Set Your Goals

(Plus we share the same name so he must be a good guy!) One of the key areas Brendon discusses is setting goals and writing a ‘Personal Manifesto’ and how doing so can help get things heading in the right direction. We all know that one of the best ways to have a successful work day is to create a TO-DO list. When new companies are formed they decide what their mission statement should be to set their direction; yet when many of us start our days and head into a new month/ year we fumble through without a plan for ourselves.
Here is an excerpt from one of Brendon’s book for you to start your day with. ‘Let us use the morning to remind ourselves what we are after and write any specific goals for the day, dedicating time in that first golden hour to planning out our schedule. That precious first hour must not be squandered, for our evening’s dreams can easily be forgotten in the daylight.’

We have all had those moments in bed at night where we plan to do something new or challenge ourselves the next day, we’ve had the motivation  to finally quit smoking or get control of our eating habits. Yet once we wake and step into our routine we forget to act. Let’s make that change from today, let’s write some goals down on paper and set our lives in the direction we deserve, let’s refine those goals each day and set our lives on a positive course.

Have an awesome Monday guys; don’t forget to Stay Strong and Keep Moving!


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