Monday is gone and the week is still young!

That leads me to some sad news that has hit the fitness world and that is of the passing of Greg Plitt, some of you probably have never heard of him, but you should watch a couple of his YouTube videos if you can. He was a clever guy, he knew that he had the body of a demi-god and had the knowledge to back it up. A personal trainer to celebrities, a fitness model and to some probably one of the most admired motivational speakers in the world of fitness. If you don’t believe me then watch one of his videos and listen to how passionate he was about making change and overcoming the mental issues that hold us back in life.
He was a true champion and one that will be missed, rest in peace Greg!
His message was always a positive one and whilst you might think he was a bit over the top with the workouts without a shirt he was sending a solid message to all, you can all achieve what you want in life, with hard work, mental strength and perseverance. You might be sitting there thinking, “Well that’s all good but how?” The answer is simple, if you are unhappy with any aspect of your life at the moment, if you truly want something so bad you can taste the dream, the vision in your mind then you’ll have to change something to make it happen.
Change is something that happened to me at the end of my last post, if you haven’t read it well then stop here and go read it… Then continue 😉

I went through some ups and downs at that new high school and to sum it up I tried too hard to make things work and they didn’t, I was wasting my energy trying to be liked by everyone and had to figure out that if I had made a stand on the very first day when someone messed with me, then I wouldn’t have had any problems. Eventually I left it too late and when I did decide to act there was no one that would fear me, everyone could just gang up on the unpopular kid. I changed schools soon after and never gave being disliked another thought, I just tried to get stuck in to making new friends and trying not to push the friendships too hard. It worked for a while but before long I was suffering from some of the same insults and problems; it went on for while until one day when I just gave in to my anger and lost it. I lost it and lost a friend in the process, he was only trying to be funny and dish out some comments, then a few weeks later I did it again to someone else. I stood up for myself in front of everyone and things were immediately different, people could see that I was serious and when I got angry you didn’t really want to get in my way. The change helped but don’t for one minute think I am advocating that you become the office bully or even the school bully on the back of it. What I did was I changed something that I was sick of, I was sick of people thinking that I was a push over and in order to fix it I did something about it.

If you are sitting there trying to kick a habit or thinking you’re your New Year’s resolution hasn’t quite worked, don’t panic!

You have another day tomorrow! Another moment when you open your eyes to commit to the change that you want to make in your life.

My first bit of advice is not to leave the house with an unmade bed, bear with me on this. I used to leave my bed a mess all the time, but then I one morning I woke up and made it look nice again. When I got into bed that night it made me feel like I had accomplished something. Now I make my bed every day. It took a while to get into the routine, but the way I saw it at the time was that a couple of minutes doing something well means that you start your day having accomplished something. It sets your mind straight, you might be reading this thinking, “well I make my bed every day and I don’t feel different.” Well of course not because you haven’t made that conscious change, you have done it for a while, so if you make you bed already then try and find something else that makes a change. Try a 5-minute stretching routine, try and prepare your lunch instead of buying it at work. Just try something small that makes something later in your day easier and you won’t regret it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to spring out of bed and do 300 press ups, just make 1 small conscious change every day that edges you close to where you want to be mentally and physically.

You can achieve what you want to in life, you just need to apply yourself and make it happen!
I’ll leave you for today with some words from the man himself, “Every action has a purpose, when every action has a purpose then every action has a result.” Greg Plitt

Have a safe evening my friends and remember to chase that dream and treasure every moment you can!

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