Monday Motivation – You are awesome!

I think back to London, when I stayed at home on my days off, ate too many Pringles, drank too much Coca-Cola, watched and read the news all the time. I was a mess, sure the food and lack of exercise didn’t help, but I was also bombarding my brain with negativity; lets be honest it is hard to watch a news channel these days that doesn’t show the darker side of humanity. I didn’t give my self a chance to see the good in the world.

Sometimes we get so caught up in everything we forget how awesome we really are. Did you know that your brain has something like 100 billion nerve cells (Neurons) all passing information around at speeds over 100mph? How cool is that? Now think, if what we see and hear is bombarding our brain with more negative than positive, then what are we setting ourselves up for?

Here’s something that might help us all, each day set aside some time to watch, read or listen to something inspirational, motivating and uplifting, try it every day and see how much it can help boost your mood. Hopefully reading this blog is part of that time 🙂

It is videos like the one below that I always find inspirational, these people are a reminder of what we can do as a race if we put our minds to it. Take a few minutes to watch it, you may have seen some of it before but I’m fairly sure it will make you feel proud to be human!

Have an awesome Monday guys, Stay Strong and Keep Moving!

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