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Reading about Erik’s life and watching him play golf in the last year on the PGA Tour are two very different things. When players make it to the PGA Tour we, as viewers, often forget or sometimes don’t know about how they got there. There are many inspiring stories out there, but understanding that Erik’s first heart transplant was when he was 12 years old should take the cake. After a heart transplant he went on to play golf and chase his dreams until the age of 28 when he drove himself to hospital while suffering a ‘near-fatal heart attack.’
He bounced back after getting on his feet with heart number 3 and it seems like he has never stopped pushing forward. Last year he placed 2nd in the US Open and has been on his way up ever since. Check out this video for a little more on his story.

The reason I wanted to share this with you today is because Erik has not stopped chasing his dream. Sure he has probably had his fair share of luck a long the way, but in my experience luck comes to those who remain positive, who dig deep inside themselves and find that self belief. Erik’s grit and determination is inspiring to me and hopefully to you too; he is proof that you can chase after your dream no matter the opposition that you face. You can become the strongest version of yourself if you just have a little faith.

Have an awesome day, Stay Strong and Keep Moving.

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