Four months ago I joined Virgin Active on a quest to make the world a happier and healthier place. I thought I was pretty fit; I mean I had done Insanity 3 times, lost loads of weight and although I wasn’t the most muscular person in the world I thought I could hold my own. Then I met ZUU…

During my first few shifts in the gym I kept hearing about this ZUU training; curious about anything new I decided I would go to a class and find out more. I discovered something that threw me way out of my comfort zone – it was fantastic! During that first class I was taken back in my mind to the sports fields at school, being part of a team where things were simple and the objective was give life your best.

I was hooked and I knew that to get better I would need to practice; I would need to push myself hard and grow stronger. If you have followed this blog for a while you might have read about how the mind grows stronger through exercise, how the sense of accomplishment after a good bit of exercise can liberate the mind, well ZUU just enhances that for me, and hopefully it will do the same for you too!

As an instructor with Virgin I have been sent on various training courses to get an understanding of equipment and training methods. I was lucky enough to get booked onto a ZUU course with Nathan Helberg, the founder and creator of ZUU. It was one of the best days of my life. Nathan greeted me with a big hug, he was genuinely happy to see me; he didn’t know me, that is just how he breaks down barriers and earns respect. In four and a half hours of training I learned more about myself than I had learned in the 2 years that it took me to lose weight. I realised that I couldn’t shy away from my weaknesses; I needed to embrace them and keep moving. It was a pure Master Class that resonated deep within me. Every time Nathan spoke it was like hearing everything I believed about fitness. Take for example my slogan, ‘Stay Strong and Keep Moving’ I thought of that because in my heart that is what got me through the tough times. ZUU teaches the exact same principles. I left the Master Class that day not only a certified ZUU trainer, but inspired and ready to pass this message on to others.

Nathan was brought up with the following values; earning and giving respect, being humble and truthful. The same principles that were taught to me through my family and school; they are values that every passionate ZUU trainer will talk you through in a class. These are old school values that the world has lost touch with. As much as I can talk about how each movement in ZUU can make the body stronger what you really come away with is a sense of personal strength through movement, something that the world needs now more than ever.

I could honestly write for days about how much of an impact this training style has made in my life; Nathan calls it, ‘A Movement Liberating Humans’, and it truly is. If you don’t believe how effective the workouts are and how proud and accomplished you will feel then follow me on Instagram or find me on Facebook and watch the Workout Wednesday videos. Get the drills done and see for yourself. Just remember that anyone can do ZUU, yes the moves are intense but that is what will make you stronger.

The movement is now in America and schools around the world are starting ZUU Chimps programs too; it will spread and grow because it is truthful, humble and inspiring. Check out this video where Nathan mentions that his 84-year-old father still trains with ZUU!

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