Jonny’s Kickstart Week – Final Episode

15th May 2015

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Category: Healthy Body, Healthy Heart, Healthy Mind

So here we go, to wrap up the kickstart week guys, I’d like to thank Jonny for being a true gent, he didn’t complain much and honestly gave it 100%. I joke about him landing a new job in the same week that he took control of his schedule, but it was a genuine discussion that we spoke about when I arrived.

He showed me a copy of the e-mail, which was a genuine job offer, it’s not every day that those kinds of things happen. After having a few chats about it he decided to get a meeting set up and see if he would like the place. To me having a structured week and believing in himself allowed him to take an exciting opportunity!

It took 2 hours for him to decide once he was there, it speak volumes for the focus that he had that week. He was up a regular times, eating better and moving every day so there was nothing clouding his judgement. I truly wish him all the best for his future in the job, but can honestly say that I am proud of his efforts over the last 2 months! Keep it up Jonny you’re a legend!

I hope you have enjoyed this series and just know that small changes can snowball into big things!

Stay Strong and Keep Moving…

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