Monday Motivation – No More Doubt!

7th Sep 2015

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Category: Healthy Body, Healthy Heart, Healthy Mind

Happy Monday folks and to those readers in America, Happy Labor Day!
With that said lets us start our week the right way, the positive way, without doubt. Doubt is a funny thing because many of us know it as the ‘comfort zone’, it can take up hours of our time, it can leave us incapable of decisions for fear of failure.

Let us try this week and in the weeks and years to come to remove the question, ‘what if?’ from our minds and replace it with faith, faith in ourselves and faith in the world once more. This will help us become stronger humans and develop our characters. Put simply – ‘We develop character only through effort, struggle, and learning, none of which we ever choose to endure when doubt has our ear.’ – Brendon Burchard

​Let us face the week with a positive disposition and remember to Stay Strong and Keep Moving… ​

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