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When I was training Jonny, my friend from the ‘Kickstart Series’ of videos on YouTube, I introduced him to bear crawls. We were training to get ready for a 10km obstacle run and he needed a kick in the butt to get going. He wasn’t a huge fan of crawling on the floor, but when race day came around there were a lot of obstacles that needed crawling under! The training came in super useful then, a point I reminded him of whilst we were elbow deep in mud. 🙂 In short I truly believe that they are a great way to stay strong and healthy!
If you don’t know what a bear crawl is then have a look here

Apart from being difficult there are a few other reasons which I have summed up below for you.

  1. They are low impact – this means that you don’t have to put extra strain on your joints, unlike running hard on a treadmill for example.
  2. They help to mobilise every joint in your body – especially the hips which are taken through a full range of movement. Your hips are the mid-point of your body, where your power is kept, if you can unlock the power in your hips then that is power for life!
  3. Top end conditioning – your body is going through a movement similar to  a moving plank, because every joint is mobilising it means every muscle is working too. This helps to condition the heart in a low impact environment. Top athletes and trainers love moves like this because it helps to keep their bodies in tact whilst still being able to push hard.
  4. They ensure the ground is not a foreign object – this, to me, is the most important thing. As we grow older we tend to forget that the ground is where we spent some of the happiest days of our lives… No, not blackout drunk, but as a child having fun! If we can get back in touch with that feeling then that will do wonders for our psyche.  It’ll also teach you how to hold your weight and react if you take a tumble later in life.
  5. Bear crawls are unique – not only will they set you apart from others in the gym but they breakup the monotonous ways that people train. We are creatures of habit, which means that comfort zones are easy to sit in. Venturing outside of that comfort zone is where you will start to see results.

So there you have it, my top notch thoughts on bear crawls! If you’d like a drill that incorporates a bear crawl then have a look at the video embedded below.

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