A ZUU Kinda Friday – Purpose

It is safe to say that the single biggest influence in my life at the moment is ZUU; ZUU is more than just a training modality, to me it is life, a culture, it is a journey, it is a way to tap into potential that lies hidden beneath the surface.
On Friday last week trainers and Virgin Active Members from all across the UK met in Dorset to train together and enjoy each other’s company for a few hours. It was a meeting of like-minded individuals and each person in the group I trained with is living the journey of ZUU, which is priceless to me.
It is said that a picture speaks 1000 words, so take a look at these:

These are groups of people coming together for a single purpose; to become the strongest version of themselves. The last two pictures are where the most valuable part of ZUU is for me, the culture.

The ‘Z’ symbol made with the hands is not just a symbol for ZUU, it is a symbol of respect, culture and honest work. The smiles on the faces and the interaction that ZUU creates is one of family. It is also a sign of respect for those who you have trained with. All of these are values that translate into life outside of a gym.

In each picture there are people that have different backgrounds, different levels of education, income and some even come from different countries. During that time spent together in a ZUU class they are all the same, and they need to work together to get through the toughest training they have ever done in their lives. The interaction experienced in a session breaks down social barriers and leaves egos at the door. To me there is nothing more poetic than seeing people working together, having fun and living life to it’s fullest, regardless of whether it is in a gym or not.

Truth be told we need more of this culture in the world, back when times were more simple we made it through by embracing the people around us, people were part of tribes or smaller communities that helped each other. Today, I feel, much of the world is caught up in grading people by social status and negative projection; you only need to see what is ‘trending’ on social media to see the level of detachment people have for their fellow man/ woman.

As a single person you may not necessarily have the power to change the world, but your positive influence can change the world for someone next to you.

With all that said my purpose is to empower people around me through lessons I learn about myself in life and through ZUU. It is to keep moving forward and remind myself and others of positive projection. Over the last two years I have learned a lot about myself and the biggest thing was that I spent a long time hating on the world, that inevitably got me nowhere. This time around I am embracing the world with purpose.

I hope that some way you can relate to what I have written about today and that it can help you or someone you know to realise that there is good in this world, you just need to be looking for it.

Have a great week ahead!

Stay Strong and Keep Moving!


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