How to Overcome Self Doubt

The saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is a saying for a reason. The sooner we understand that we are the sculptor, the artist of our own future then the sooner we can put the work in and make things happen. I’m not just saying that to be motivational and inspire you I am saying it because I have experienced and still experience feelings of self doubt everyday. Heck I was plagued by it in my golfing career and it is something that I have to work on day in day out.
I’ll give you a few examples; working in a gym has been an awesome experience, I find myself constantly inspired by the efforts of the members and the attitudes and dedication of the other trainers. I also always find myself trying to measure up to them in my mind, from a coaching perspective, but also from a physique perspective.

I sometimes look at my body and get disheartened that I haven’t got that much definition or that my back is slightly rounded. And I get really annoyed when my body gives out in a session because I can’t breathe as effectively and get through certain drills the same as my fellow trainers. It is at this point that I always have to stop and remind myself of the following:

  1. I have only been in this environment for less than a year and I’m still learning.
  2. I only quit smoking 1000 days ago, my lungs are still trying to recover.
  3.  I only hit my target weight about a year ago and that the body takes time to heal, to adapt and to grow.
  4. Everyone has different strengths.
  5. I must keep giving life 100%

My point here with this post today is that you might have moments when you doubt yourself, everyone does, those moments don’t define you. What defines you is how you rise to overcome that doubt.

How do I remedy this? I take 10 quiet minutes each day to read through and think about my goals, to remind myself of the points listed above and that each day I am making progress. I remind myself that this experience is all part of the journey called life and I must go and live it. Now if you feel that you have fallen, get up and dust yourself off because you are the only one who can chase your dreams.

Have an awesome weekend!

Stay Strong and Keep Moving


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