Health – Are You Part Of The Problem Or The Solution?

But does it really have to get that far down the road? I mean if we think about the evolution of the smoking world, it went from being advertised on billboards to now being highly taxed and heavily regulated.
When I quit smoking, approximately 1011 days ago (woohoo!) I used an app on my iPhone that made me see smoking in a completely different way. It turned out that all I had to do was two things:

  1. Understand the addiction and that my mind would play tricks on me through the quitting process.
  2. Understand the marketing techniques used to make smoking seem ‘cool.’

Once I understood it was a psychological craving more than a physical one I was in control. Those two points made much more of an impact than knowing about the chemical breakdown of each cigarette and how it would destroy my health. The truth is nobody likes to be duped by marketing.

I believe the smoking app’s lessons helped me apply the same thought processes to my diet because I was addicted to some really awful foods.

We, creatures of the earth, are marketed to using influence and persuasion. We also love that ‘feel good’ moment when we are eating foods high in salt, fat and sugar because our brain’s pleasure centres go berserk! Having crap food surrounding us we offer ourselves the worst chance to make healthy decisions, and we are giving kids the sense that these foods are okay to eat because they are everywhere. Understanding that we have to power to change this at any moment is the most powerful weapon we have.

Last week I went out into town to watch a movie, I wanted to pick up something to snack on during the film. Whilst walking around I noticed several coffee shops, a pie shop, a chocolate shop, a sweet shop and some restaurants; all were very busy. I ended up walking half a mile away from the movie to find a supermarket. Why you might ask? Well the choices at the cinema are just awful, water cost more than the fizzy drinks and there was  no real food being sold there. I was willing to walk half a mile away to find something that I knew was going to be good for me.

Most of the documentaries I have watched try to expose the corruption of food lobbyists and food corporations in order to justify the food on sale. If we keep waiting for the government to step in and ban certain foods and regulate the industry then we might as well dig our own graves. The sooner we wake up and see through the marketing tactics the sooner we’ll realise that WE are propping up the food industry. Without customers buying their products they are powerless! The availability of the junk food we see today is only a reflection of what we want as a society, the sooner we put health at the forefront of our choices then the sooner we start to win our lives back.

The next time you reach for a packet of crisps or head out for a fizzy drink ask yourself this question: Am I part of the the problem or part of the solution?

We can either keep complaining that no one is changing the world for us, or we can start to change the world for ourselves. I know which part of that sentence I’d like to be a part of.

Have an awesome week ahead, go out there and make the world a better place!

Stay Strong and Keep Moving.


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