Enjoy The Journey – Motivation Monday

I have been working with an array of different people over the last few months on their fitness journeys and I have to say that it has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. I knew that becoming a personal trainer meant that, well, the training would be personal but I didn’t realise how rewarding it would be.
What I hope to instil in each person I work with is the understanding that the goals we set are part of the journey, they are not the destination. Goals shift over time and what seems vitally important today might not be so urgent in a few weeks. I think that is the problem when it comes to a lot of diet books/ programs and workout programs out there, people are sold on the destination and the journey is forgotten about.
I say that we should make our journeys as amazing and as exciting as possible! Working with awesome fitness techniques/ movements and amazing recipes that nourish the body can help us along our way in this world. There was a quote that I read this week and I’m not too sure of the source, google tells me that it’s origin is either a lady called Lynn AustinNeck Deep (a punk rock band) or even an African proverb, you can decide. Anyhoo, the quote reads: “smooth seas don’t make skilful sailors.”

To me that quote is so simple and amazing, it tells me that we learn to adapt and survive in the tough times to become better more rounded individuals. That is hopefully something that I communicate to the people I work with, if you get through a challenging workout, pushing yourself beyond what you believe is possible then the rest of the world will seem less daunting. And bear in mind; just because something is challenging doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

I’d like you to take that quote on board this week and really embrace it, if you have a tough day remember that you can either embrace the challenge life puts before you or you can let it consume you. I let things consume me for too long and it didn’t get me anywhere for a long time. You can become a skilful sailor, become the best and strongest version of yourself and you can start today!

Have a great week ahead focus on your goals and enjoy your journey!



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