We all have those moments in life that we wish we could take back, sometimes they keep us awake at night lying in bed wondering WHY OH WHY!!? One of my most haunting decisions was starting smoking – even though I quit in 2013 I have a recurring dream that involves me chain smoking again; I normally wake up and feel really guilty.
It is safe to say that every year since starting smoking to where I am today I have had some form of cough or chest issue. I even remember once, back in 2013 – I had a chest X-Ray because I couldn’t breathe very easily and woke up choking one night – I was pooping myself waiting on the results as I thought that there would be news about me having cancer.

So far I have survived, minus a lot of money and a distinct loss of pride in myself for being so silly with the habit in the first place. The thing that sits badly with me the most though is not the money or the pride, it is the time that I wasted on the habit itself; the time I am wasting now by having weaker lungs. Sure we do all get sick sometimes, but I really do question how much of my sickness each year is down to smoking. Let’s forget about statistics on how bad smoking is, let’s forget about the cancer it causes and focus on TIME!
Time, to me, is our most valuable thing in the world so much so that we as a species have written books and made movies about it. There was that really rubbish one with Justin Timberlake called….. In Time. Quite an original name though, if you ask me. Writing this has got my mind thinking of that song by Rod Stewart where he sings, “I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger…”

I digress…  My point is simple today, let’s make good use of our time doing things that benefit our minds and bodies. Let us make good use of our time because one day we’ll definitely be wanting more of it. This is the third post in which I have referenced a quote from the documentary called The Kids Menu – but it really sticks out;

“If we don’t make time for health, we have to make time for sickness.” – Kate Corcoran
Go out there, be healthy and have a great weekend, and if you are looking to quit smoking, or have someone who you think would benefit from this post then contact me below, or share this post with them.

Stay Strong and Keep Moving!


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