Walking – The Forgotten Exercise

The reason I ask that question is because I believe that walking is one of the most overlooked forms of exercise when it comes to making a lifestyle change. Sure, running tends to be one of the most popular ‘goto’ exercises for those who want to lose weight; and studies by the institute of people who study stuff have said that running is more efficient at reducing BMI, as we expend more energy. (Who would’ve thought? 🙂 )I think that we always have to take into consideration that not everyone can run, or jog, I certainly couldn’t run when I was starting out, in fact even when I did start running to lose weight I got injured because I was probably too heavy to do it. I truly believe that it is the most under-utilised forms of exercise. Take for instance yesterday, I walked 6.15 kilometres around the gym as well as on a nice scenic walk down a footpath. If you combine the walking my workout of 400 calories then yesterday’s calorie burn was 700 calories. Using my very complicated mathematical equation that is a good 300 calories burned through walking.

Granted not everyone thinks that they have the time to walk 6.15 kilometres a day, but think about the nature that you could be missing out on. We all have a tendency – especially in the UK – to look outside and think about how green and beautiful the grass is somewhere else in the world; meanwhile  there is natural beauty all around us, we just have look for it.
When I hear someone say that they want to lose weight but don’t know where to start my first reaction is to talk about healthy fresh nutrient dense food. My second reaction is to recommend developing a habit of walking every day; and if the goal is not to lose weight but feel better my ingredients remain the same.

If you don’t believe that you’ll see results in how you feel then try it for a week, put one foot in front of the other and let them lead you away from the craziness of the world for 30 minutes to an hour a day. Not only will you discover some really awesome places, but you might just discover something about yourself along the way!

Have a great weekend ahead!
Stay Strong and Keep Walking!

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