Beyond The Weak – Brian Turner’s Story

A few simple facts about Brian to get you going:1 – He loves lifting weights and training hard in the gym, and used to be really skinny. Check his picture below.

2 – He has been a natural bodybuilder for about 7 years.
3 – He suffered terribly with acne.
4 – He has a real talent for making top quality videos. And produces some of CT Fletchers awesome motivational ones.
5- He started his YouTube channels to try and help his clients with specific exercises and it blossomed into where he is at now.
6 – Brian runs his own clothing and fitness company called, ‘Beyond the Weak’, where he prints his own shirts and offers online coaching.
7 – I said he used to be skinny, now he is seriously jacked!

Brian has had a really mixed upbringing in the sense that he was home schooled for a long time, he has also experienced being the ‘new kid’ at a big school and has dealt with all the social pressures that go with that. Discovering that fitness was one of his passions he pursued it to no end, growing in size, developing his knowledge and putting everything he learned and experienced online in YouTube videos for the world to enjoy.

At one stage Brian was putting out a video every day of the week to reach his audience and grow his channel. He even started a series called ‘My Accutane Adventures‘ to track his acne treatments and help other people around the world understand what to expect if they want the same treatment. (Having been on accutane myself I know how crazy the treatment can be and how it can make you self conscious.) Brian’s acne was 10 times worse than mine which makes his openness about it even more commendable. He is now through all his treatment and is enjoying his clear skin! Not only that he has changed his lifestyle and become a Vegan as he feels it really helps with his skin, health and most of all the planet!

So…. Why am I writing about Brian today? Well he recently reached over one hundred thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel! I’ll write that out for you 100000 subscribers! That means that each day he has the potential to reach 100000 people and spread his positive energy.

Firstly I would like to send out a huge congratulations to him, but secondly I believe that we can all learn something from his journey through life. Not only has he transformed his body through his training, but he has gone through a serious skin problem that I know can affect confidence in a massive way. I think we’ve all been there staring in the mirror wishing the big yellow and red spots would just magically disappear. Brian managed to rise above all of that and faced the world, overcoming any fear; putting his life on display. Some people may look at YouTube as a simple search engine filled with videos, but for many people that is their passion, their job and they absolutely love it.

Brian gives more than 100% to everything he does and it shines through. He has had to chase down and work hard for everything that he has in his life right now and I admire his mental strength and resilience. He could have let the social pressure of leaving home school get to him and define the rest of his life, instead he embraced it, acne and all, and is now an entrepreneur like no other! To sum Brian up, he never let fear get in the way of what he wanted to achieve, to me that is some of the best inspiration for your Monday morning!
Go out there this week and be the best you can be! Give it everything you’ve got! Face any fears and doubts you might have head on and go after what you want! If you want to checkout Brian’s YouTube channel in the meantime then watch his video below!

Have a great week, Stay Strong and Keep Moving!

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