(Yes that’s right, I’m cool and I talk in hash tag language now.)

I’ve had a couple things on my list since I re-launched this site. The biggest one was to categorise all my blog posts. That might not sound like a huge task but it literally took me a whole day, going through each post and editing the tags. Hence today’s blog post is slightly different; I have not put together an inspiring post for you Monday but don’t be sad because if you click on the link below you’ll be transported through cyberspace to a page that holds all the inspirational and motivational Monday posts that I have ever written! Can I get a woop woop?


The second big thing on my list is a CALL TO ACTION! That’s right, I’m calling on you as you read this blog; have a think about a story from your life that you’d like to share. (Ideally it needs to be fitness/ sport related.) If you are unsure what I mean about a story to share then go back to the link above and read about some of the amazing people out in the world. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE has a story to tell, something inspirational something that will make other people realise just how amazing they are! Let’s face it we are all pretty awesome, and I don’t mean that sarcastically, I mean it genuinely – we are amazing creatures!

Now is your chance to put your thinking cap on, it doesn’t have to be a life story it could just be an anecdote. And if you are not quite ready to share your story yet then maybe you have a friend who would like to share theirs? All that needs to happen is for someone to fill out the contact form below to start a dialogue with me. 🙂

Now, I trust that you will follow my example this fine Monday; complete the outstanding things on your todo list as a priority this week and you’ll immediately feel accomplished! You’ll have a victory under your belt and be able to hold your head high! Remember, the smallest victories are still a win, so celebrate them! 

Have a fantastic week ahead!

Stay Strong and Keep Moving!


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