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Gary Player is a South African professional golfer who grew up through some tough times, he faced adversity head on and took a leap that not many people would have done at that time in the world. He packed up his dreams, and his golf clubs, and set off with the little money he had to play professional golf and make something of himself.
He has won the grand slam of golf (all four majors), he has won 165 tournaments in total an has probably travelled more than any other sportsperson on the planet. Ever.

You might be asking yourself, what’s not to like about him? I’ve met him twice and both times I was no wowed, he has the unique ability to be quite proud of his achievements and to me it comes across in the wrong way- now I may not like him but I damn sure respect him.

He is an example of grit and determination. He is an example of what can be achieved if you never give up on yourself. Some tournaments before he was famous he slept on the beach next to the golf course because he couldn’t afford a hotel. He’d then wake up and train before playing; he was probably the first golfer to really focus on fitness as a part of his life, which is what has allowed him to win golf tournaments through 6 decades of his life. There are not many sports people that can do that these days.

I saw an interview with him recently where he said he wants to empower the youth today to, “eat properly, educate themselves and stay fit.”

His most famous quote in my opinion is, “The harder I practice, the luckier I get.”

Two very good quotes that I can fully support, I believe that with the correct work ethic, the right nutrition and fitness regime we can create the life that we want for ourselves. Setting yourself up in a strong body with a strong positive mindset will bring things into your life that you might never have thought possible.

Although I don’t like Gary Player very much (and I highly doubt that he will ever read this) I believe there is a lot that can be learned from a man who has traveled the world countless times. He has had a relentless drive to be the best version of himself and he has lived a life that he is truly happy with.

I don’t know about you but that sounds like the exact happiness that I would like to feel when I am 80.

Never limit your potential, never tell yourself that there is a ceiling to your acheivements.

The moment you do that a world of opportunities will open up for you!

Have a great week ahead!

Stay strong and keep moving!

Watch this interview for more on Gary Player

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