My Counting Sucks! Motivational Monday

You see when I train I need something to work towards; a set structure. Towards the end of last year and the beginning of this year I didn’t have a program, I was just training what ever I wanted whenever I wanted.
I was eating well, eating healthy food but because my programming was non-existent my meals were all over the place. I was either eating too much in a day or too little in a day…. But I’m getting distracted from today’s story now – I’ll write a post in more depth on my diet change in a few weeks.

At the end of March I realised that if I wanted to get back on track I’d need a program to follow. I had the Freeletics APP downloaded on my phone and rather than write a 3 month program for myself I thought I would pay someone else to do it for me. (I would strongly advise seeking postural and movement analysis as well as a consultation with a qualified trainer before jumping into any program). 

Despite my transformation from 22 stone this was my starting point in April.

After the 1st week I thought things were going to be super easy. I breezed through the workouts and kept comparing them to the previous programs that I had done. Freeletics just didn’t seem to smash me the way others did… Or so I thought. By the 3rd week I knew that I was in for a journey; my body was changing again and it felt AWESOME!

I posted a video a couple of days ago where I had done 100 burpees in record time. Take a look at my post:


Needless to say I was disappointed at my counting skills and myself for not actually completing the set. I decided to go for it again… I got prepared, I got psyched up and even decided to do 5 extra burps to be on the safe side. I set up the video camera to make sure I captured every single movement….. Have I built up the suspense enough?

Well, I watched the video back (several times I might add) and when I counted the last burpee each time I got to 99.

99!!! I mean really? This is no joke I seriously thought things were going so well.

As I enter my final week, also known as HELL WEEK in the programming guide on the app I am acutely aware that I cannot count and that I still haven’t managed to officially beat my personal best of 5.48 for 100 burpees.

This program has been fierce and has tested my mental resolve to no end, I officially have done more than 5000 burpees within the programming along with pull ups and all the other moves. It has been epic, fun and more importantly it has added more expereince to my journey.

There are two points to this anecdote today:

1. I hopefully have you excited to see the final 15 week picture next Monday!

2. Despite the fact that I have been faced with the hardest workouts I have ever done I still keep coming back for more. Yes I’ve had days where my body didn’t want to work, but I did everything to push through it. I have learned to embrace the mental battle that each workout brings because it brings me closer to my ultimate goal… Of being Spiderman!

No but seriously, there is a massive cross over between fitness and life in general, if you can push yourself past what you believe you are capable in doing then other parts of life become less daunting.

I hope that you can take that on board this week and if you have any advice on how to improve my counting skills then I’d really appreciate it!

Stay Strong and Keep Moving!


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