My Journey Thus Far

I feel like my whole life I have always been determined to be the best version of myself however I have not always had the focus to see things through. I feel like I will always be chasing my demons away, I will always be the fat kid in my mind. I will always be trying to push myself away from the days of cheeseburgers and cigarettes.

Over the last few days I have been asked a lot of questions about my “WHY”. Why have I put myself through a program that is 15 weeks long? Why have I decided to push my limits? Why did I decide on the Freeletics APP program instead of creating my own?

The answer is simple. I am always looking for new ways to challenge myself, to learn about myself and to be able to share that journey with others. (And if I am being honest writing my own program would have taken a lot of my time which I wanted to use for other things.)

My point being, whether you buy an online program or get 1-2-1 personal training it is up to YOU to make the commitments, to show up each day and to stick through the hard times. Push past your limits, YOU are the only one who can break them! There is only so much help people can give you before you have to take care of things yourself.

There have been multiple times over the last few weeks where I thought about stopping halfway through a workout and just going to bed. In fact a couple of weeks ago I had a huge double session in the plan. I started work at 6am, worked until 3pm, ate food and needed to be at a friends house for 5pm. I was tired, I was still hungry and was in no way ready for a crazy workout. This was the session I faced:

50 push ups
20 sit ups
50 squats
x4 rounds

200 squats
200 burpees

By the time I had to leave for my friends house I still had the final 200 burpees to do. I was so tired that I wrote it off in my mind, “yeah, I’ll just do them tomorrow.”

I got home and looked outside to see the sun setting, the garden was dry and I realised that there was no such thing as procrastination. It had to be done. I set a personal best that evening for 100 burpees in a row. (And that’s when I ruined the lawn.)


I’m not saying this to boast, I’m simply saying that we are far more capable than we give ourselves credit for.

Then there is the vanity side of things, who doesn’t want a six pack? I’m not going to lie that the thought of being ‘ripped’ or ‘shredded’ is appealing to me, but I also realise that’s not where life is won. Life is won when you understand that the legacy you leave behind is more important than anything else. Did you contribute to making the world a better place?

My mission statement for myself reads like this:

“To inject positivity into people’s lives and make the world a happier healthier place.”

Some days I fail miserably at it, others I achieve it. And what I hope is that by sharing my journey with you I can inspire you to keep going, to be healthy, to live a happy life!

Now, enough of my rambling, if you’d like to see the results of the 15 weeks then check out the images below in the slide show, with the stats! If you have any questions about the process, my diet and anything in between then please send me an email through the contact form below and I’d be happy to help.

Have an awesome week ahead!

Don’t forget to Stay Strong and Keep Moving!

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