People Don’t Read Much Anymore

For those who don’t know I am in the final days of my 7 day challenge without a phone.
It has been an interesting few days with old habits trying to fight their way back in. The feeling of disconnect with the world has been strong but is mostly gone now. I am now in more of a calm place with things, things have slowed down. You’ll have to stay tuned for Monday’s blog post to find out more!

The one thing and most important thing that I have realised about myself and about others these last few days is that we don’t read much anymore. We scroll, scan and are very video focused.

I stared this blog for a number of reasons and what I want to get across to everyone is that reading is a huge part of life. It is where you can make serious progress in knowing yourself, learning about the world and slowing down to enjoy life in this information age.

In my challenge I have been reading for 20 minutes a day at a minimum. I listen to a lot of audio books too, but I can’t this week because they are on my phone. So I went old school and it has been a very therapeutic way to spend my free time. (Without a phone there has been a lot of free time.)

Anyway, more on that topic on Monday, if you’d like to get notified about every blog post then fill out a form below and I’ll even send you over a free recipe book 😉


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