The Man With No Pulse

I’ve written about Ben’s broken back, I’ve written about Marc’s car accident and about Brian coming from nothing and making his dreams come true. I have never written about someone who actually doesn’t have a pulse.
Andrew Jones was big into his fitness, fitness modelling, bodybuilding, and pushing his body to it’s limits. He built a YouTube channel following and filled cyberspace with videos that offered help and support to all his subscribers and social media followers. A few years ago he became unwell… Very unwell as his videos suggest; he went from putting out great content online and motivating people to sitting in ICU with tubes coming out of his body and trying to stay positive about the things that were happening to him.

His sickness was diagnosed as a cardiomyopathy and as a result he lost his strength gains; he had to focus on just staying alive. The plot thickened when it came to light that he needed a new heart. I could go into way more depth about his story but the main thing you need to know is that his heart is now battery powered.

Whilst in hospital he recorded videos to help explain his situation to his online community. I’m sure the videos helped him, his family, his friends and his followers get through the tough times that they were facing.

Here is his story in a nutshell and video form, trust me it is a great video to watch.

Absolutely NUTS! I mean the dude is literally living on batteries, heck, he’ll give the Duracell bunny a run for his money! Literally!

I strongly advise you to check out his YouTube channel and go through his videos from a year ago; watch how he dealt with his situation on camera and how he documented his hospital life. The best quote I heard in one of his videos is when he said, “I have to remain positive because that’s my blood type, B Positive.”

Andrew could have easily given up on himself, he could have easily said that his life would never be normal again. He could have sat at home with a battery powered heart feeling sorry for himself. Instead he is on the move, training hard, making videos again for his followers and most of all he is inspiring people around the world. As you read this Andrew is living on borrowed time and making damn good use of it whilst he waits for a donor heart.

You can’t tell me that after watching that video you don’t feel the need to go and do something. If Andrew found the switch in his head to get up and start exercising again, then anyone can! It’s not a case of going straight into your exercise of choice and being the best, it’s about getting started in the first place. Taking those first steps in the right direction and keeping consistent with your efforts leads you down the road to progress.

I extend a huge congratulations to Andrew and I truly believe that it is his resilience and positive thinking that has been the driving force behind his return to health. Sure he has had amazing treatment and a hospital to help him, but he was the only one who could take those first few steps in regaining his physical strength.

It just goes to show how much can be achieved with some positive thinking and self belief! I hope you can take something from this story today, I hope you can share it with those who need a boost and I hope they can make the most out of their lives by being inspired to never give up! 

Have a great week ahead!



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