Brian Sibiya – Update!

You may recall Brian Sibiya who I wrote about before on this blog. If not then CLICK HERE and come back to this when you are done.
Brian came from nothing and is now on a mission to help as many people as he can in the big wide world. The post I wrote about him before – which I’m sure you’ve read by now – has been the most read post I have ever written. Every week I hear from someone around the world who is inspired by his story.

Three weeks ago he came to me with an idea for a video to show the world how he trains people and I’m happy to feature it as a Motivational Monday post for you today.

I have become really good friends with Brian over the last few months and every day he continues to inspire me with his attitude towards life and others.

There are a lot of people in the fitness industry that are out for themselves, forgetting that there is a whole world of people out there who need help but don’t necessarily know where to find it. Obesity rates are still climbing and the health care systems in most countries are only able to treat the symptoms. I dealt with that first hand when I was at my biggest, from chest infections to high blood pressure to sleep apnea and I was told that the medication would help but the cure lay elsewhere. It lay in my mind.

It was an absolute honour to work with Brian on this video and create something that showcases his personality and his work to the world. I feel as though we are both able to help people in our own ways to become stronger and better.

He is truly an inspirational guy and that is what I am all about with this blog and what I do here with my online coaching. I want to provide a platform of information to help others on their journey through life.

I hope that you’ll enjoy his video below and all the hard work that his clients are doing in the video too! I hope that it inspires you to get moving today and take charge of your life. If it means you need a helping hand there is always one available, but sometimes all people need is a little inspiration!

Have a great week, STAY STRONG and KEEP MOVING!


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