Some Weeks Are Harder Than Others

It has been one of those weeks where every single day I have been absolutely screaming (internally of course) for a few hours off or time to chill out and catch up with my sleep. It has felt like life has been pulling me in different directions.
I’m sure you’ve had those moments where you string together and endless list of commitments, some with other people and some that you have promised yourself to get done. These are the moments that allow procrastination to sneak in it can easily take over. I’ve realised that there are only so many plates we can spin before losing one or two along the way…

We whisper to ourselves – “Oh I’ve been slammed so I’ll sort that out tomorrow…” Or the famous one, “Oh I’ll just take tonight off and start fresh in the morning.” You then mentally prepare how awesome your day will be, starting with a run or gym session and ending with a the satisfaction of all your tasks being completed. Then when that alarm clock rings and you are curled up as snug as a bug in a rug the amazing determination you had when your head hit the pillow is a distant memory.

Recently I have felt like I am going to burn out, I often put way to much pressure on myself. Take for instance last week, I was moving house and devoted a lot of time to it. Instead of booking time off I just decided to try and squeeze everything in; training hard, full work week, eating well and preparing food, keeping up appearances. It literally felt like I had no time on my hands.

When that starts to happen, time starts to slip away, I really had to focus on slowing my thoughts down and trying not to let stress get the better of me. Somedays I manage it and somedays I don’t, last week I didn’t manage it very well.

My point today is really simple, despite my motivational force and enthusiasm for writing quality content for this blog there are some days where I feel like I want to crawl under my pillow and sleep. I have to constantly strive for balance and avoid burn out or stress building up.

There is always a way to make time more manageable and for us to get what we want out of life; whether it is more time with family or more time to do the things we love. Its about taking the good, taking the bad and realising that is simply life.

Whilst this might not be the most motivational blog post you have ever read; it hopefully provides solace that I don’t sit in a magical motivational kingdom where life is always wonderful. I am still simply a human being, I used to let stress and burn out reign supreme in my life. When I decided to get control of my health and wellbeing the world became a much more amazing place.

Now, I know that you were wondering but I have now eaten my dinner, changed my mind on the movie and stopped even trying to watch one. I drank my tea and made more, I have edited this post 2 or 3 times because it didn’t make sense and now I am going to sign off for the night.

Just one last thought before I go….

Keep mindful of your goals and if you have a bad day or week then shrug it off and stay the course because nothing can stop you from being awesome! 

Stay Strong and Keep Moving!


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