Keep A Cool Head – Anger Management

I know that you are probably wondering how, apparently he got more and more frustrated with the round of golf he was playing that he went over to a rubbish bin and tried to throw his clubs away. When he realised that he couldn’t fit them in the bin he decided (as most of us would do of course) to stick his head in the bin instead. When he tried to remove his head, presumably after he had cooled down a bit, he couldn’t. His head was completely stuck. You might be trying to picture it – there is no need – finish reading this post and then check out the video of him stuck in the bin, it’ll make your week!
The reason the video made me laugh is because I know how frustration can drive you to do things that you’ll end up regretting or, end up embarrassing you later in life.

I have spent a lot of time on golf courses in my life and gotten pretty upset with myself over a number of things, bad shots, terrible rounds of golf but I think I mostly got angry with myself for not being able to control my anger, I guess that is ironic really. I would let things build and build and then, BANG! I would break a club or let my body language dictate my attitude for the rest of my round.

I remember once I was playing a round of golf with some friends and I got angry at bad shot; I threw my club high into the air, it summersaulted in spectacular fashion and landed in a tree and got stuck. I then knew that I would have to climb the tree to get the club back.

There was another time when I was playing with a group of friends and threw my club in anger because I was having a bad round. The club nearly took out a playing partner. These are all moments I always remember and not because they are nice memories of chasing away anger and frustration but because my behaviour was so unnecessary. At the end of the day what difference did it make to my round? It didn’t improve it, it simply made the round worse.

I guess the point that Im trying to make this fine Monday is that we have such a limited time to spend on this blue planet that it seems a shame to waste it being angry at the past. Realistically that is all that I suffered with and still suffer with to some extent. I’ve really had to try and focus on the present and build to the future as best as I can without getting too ahead of myself.

What I urge you to try this week is a simple process of ‘letting things go.’ If someone cuts you off on your drive to work or you end up facing a tough situation, you have a falling out with a friend or you just get angry for no reason, then you need to stop and think about this guy below in the video with his head stuck in a rubbish bin. Think about where his anger got him and ask yourself, ‘is there something to gain from a negative reaction?’ Most of the time there isn’t.

Enjoy the video and make the most out of your week with some positive vibes!
(apologies in advance for any bad language)

Stay Strong and Keep Moving!


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