Andrew Jones – Heart Transplant Update

A while ago I wrote a blog post about a chap called Andrew who developed a heart condition that left him with a battery operated heart. Since I heard his story and wrote about it there have been many other publications and media outlets that have spoken about his truly inspirational journey.
A true inspiration to anyone and the simple fact is that he had a choice, he could let the heart condition define his life or he could simply just work around his problem.

I noticed his YouTube channel has been quiet for a week and whilst I was scrolling through Instagram the other day I saw this picture below.

It is amazing to read and see that a transplant has come through for him. Whilst it is sad that someone has passed away to provide him the chance to continue living strong it is his chance to keep sharing his journey and help others.

He now has the chance to live a more comfortable life where he is not limited to re-charge his battery packs every night. I struggle with the idea of losing power on my phone during the day, let alone charging a battery for my heart.

I have no doubt that his story will help people and save more lives in the process.

Imagine the lives that he will change in hospital environments by inspiring others to keep moving, to ensure that their conditions don’t limit them. Imagine the people that might read this story or other publications of his story and realise that it is never too late to keep working on health and fitness.

Being happy and healthy is not all about body type or an aesthetic look, it’s not about looking shredded for the cover of a magazine; it is a state of mind that promotes confidence and security in oneself.

I wish Andrew all the best in his recovery from surgery and I hope that he has inspired you to head out into the world today with your head held high and the focus to reach for your dreams.

Have a great week ahead!

Stay Strong and Keep Moving!


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