Today I will be talking about our own modern day Forest Gump. If you have been reading this blog for a while then you’ll know that I have written about him twice before!
Ben Smith, started out over a year ago in the pursuit of running 401 marathons in 401 days.

After 284 consecutive days of running Ben was forced to take some rest when he developed an umbilical hernia. It caused him a lot of pain and meant 10 days of rest and recovery before resuming the challenge.

I remember watching the video he put up on his Facebook page where he was clearly in emotional and physical pain – he was in a place in his mind where he was thinking of giving up and not completing the challenge.

To my surprise he pushed through it, and I mean that in the nicest possible way, simply because he looked a mess and his body was crying out for him to stop. His mind said otherwise. He took 10 days to rest and then started to make up the lost miles.

So why am I writing about him for the 3rd time on this blog? Is it because I’m going to tell you that putting your body under that much strain is good for you? HELL NO!

I am writing about him again because, he has completed the 401 challenge! Whoohoooo! And not only that, 401 stands for something. Ben stands for something! 

He stands up as inspiration to those who have struggled with their sexuality and for those who have suffered physical and emotional bullying in any shape or form. Moreover Ben stands up as a person who could have let all the negativity in the world bombard him and force him to shy away from the things he wanted to do in his life.

I struggled with bullying at high school, I know what it can do to your thought processes, it can make you doubt yourself in the most simple situations. It can make you hide from the world and lock you into a very negative place.

To see a person rise from the ashes of their former self is a beautiful and uplifting thing. It gives us warmth and a sense of pride that there are human beings out there who are genuinely trying to make a positive impact in the world.

I have a lot of time for that. I truly believe that life is a wonderful adventure; we should be striving each day to make a positive impact in peoples’ lives.  That is what Ben has done so well, he has connected thousands of people across the UK and the world through his energy and positively influenced the way that they train, move and live their lives.

How did he do it? He set himself a goal, he made small steps towards it each day and I truly believe that his adventure is only going to grow and become more positive as a result.

I know that just from writing and doing some extra reading on Ben yesterday I was motivated to get my body moving and enjoy a great training session with a friend.

Ben reminded me that it is important to be fearless in your pursuit of my goals each day. He reminded me to remain determined and most importantly to create a positive sense of inclusivity that resonates with people.

My question to you this fine Monday is…. What inspiration can you draw from Ben?

Pop your comments below and have a great week ahead!

Stay Strong and Keep moving.


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