Embrace It!

The more I trained and the more I saw results the more I wanted to see how far I could take change in my body.
A lot of people wonder why I am so hell bent on pushing myself to my limits with different training programs the whole time, why I try all sorts of different training modalities. There are three reasons really:

  1. It is my job.
  2. Training is an enjoyable part of my lifestyle now.
  3. I still have a major goal that I am working towards…

I think that the 3rd reason is probably the most important, simply because it is the biggest challenge I have ever put before myself. I bet you really want to know what the goal is right? 

Well the truth is that if we are to break the goal down it is actually very complex, in fact it turns into less of a goal and more of a mission statement.  In amongst the goal/ mission statement is the ability to do a salmon ladder pull up, be able to sprint fast and efficiently, to straighten my back out more, to move fluidly, to sustain my training with good wholesome food. The list actually goes on for a while. 

What I managed to do in my process of change was write a mission statement for myself – “to be the fittest and best version of myself whilst helping to make the world a healthier, happier place.”

Sure, I have lots of little goals written down, but they all stem from my mission statement. As long as I remember what my mission statement is, I will align with my goals. The great thing about the mission statement is that it is fluid, ever changing and encourages me to engage with other people. 

A major part of my weight loss journey is my…

Most people close to me will know that this is a flappy part of my life that I try to embrace each day, even though it bothers me.

I’ve had so many people ask me if I would consider surgery, I have also had a lot of people tell me that (for them)loose skin is a barrier to losing weight. (If you are eating food you might want to come back to this later). Over the last 3 years I have been tracking the belly skin and to my surprise there has been quite a change.

The pictures below go from early 2014 at the top to today at the bottom.

As you might be able to tell, I am in serious need of a sun tan… And there is progress being made. The subcutaneous fat is diminishing and the skin looks like it is lifting. Whether or not it will return to where it used to be is still unknown.

The reason I am showing this to you today is because I have not been focused on reducing my loose skin, I have just worked hard at my mission statement and the skin is actually starting to take care of itself.

Does it bother me? HELL YES! But I know that I am much much happier having the weird belly skin than not being able to see my toes. I also think the main thing that I always try to remember is that it could be a lot worse.

So to wrap things up this fine Monday why don’t you take some time today, sit in a quiet zone and spend some time thinking about what you’d like your mission statement to be. What would you like for yourself? What would you like for the world around you?

Big companies have mission statements, small companies have them, your company or place of work probably has one, so why don’t we all have a one?


Stay Strong and Keep Moving!


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