How to unlock the power in your hips – A Gorilla!

9th Jan 2016

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Welcome back to another Fitness Friday! Today I thought I would share ONE simple movement with you… ONE movement that can help change the way that you think about mobility and conditioning. All you have to do is try this movement to understand why it will help you open up your hips, relieve lower back pain and help to create more power through range of movement.

Now you’ve read relieve lower back pain there and I’m sure you are wondering how the lower back is affected by the hips… There is a song that says, “your hip bone is connected to your back bone…” Someone else once wrote, “the back is a punching bag for the hips.” The truth is everything is connected and the hips are the midway point in the body, where all our power is stored. If they are weak then we’ll end up compensating somehow with other parts of our bodies.

Here’s a video for you!

The reason the Gorilla movement is such a powerful movement is because it is low impact and allows for top end conditioning. The trick to mastering this movement is to perform it slowly at first, find a rhythm and make sure you master the soft landings and get full control before you start to speed the movement up.

Try this simple and effective drill – 30 seconds of work over 4 metres. Gorilla forward and run back, rest for 10 seconds and then repeat. Do three rounds.

Now that I have set you a little challenge for the weekend I hope that you can go out there and make it happen! Leave a comment to let me know how the workout went!

As always Stay Strong and Keep Moving!



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