The New Year Resolutioners! Motivation Monday

26th Jan 2016

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All across the world right now there are people who are sticking to (and breaking) their new years resolution. Each one having to overcome various mental struggles, from those who have joined the gym for a life overhaul to those who have made a conscious effort to diet. There is currently a wide range of people out there who are trying to make 2016 their year! That is awesome in so many ways, but this is also the time where people tend to start ‘falling off the wagon’, so to speak.

I believe that New Years Resolutions should not be saved for the ‘New Year,’  in fact they should be resolutions as soon as possible. One thing I have learned the hard way is not to procrastinate when it comes to making positive change because you’ll lose out on valuable experiences, and inevitably become the person who talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk.

I’d like to throw down the gauntlet to all those spectators out there, the ones who have no resolutions and are seeing the people around them trying to diet or maintain a gym membership; those who are watching their office friends compete in a ‘10000 steps a day’ challenge and eat healthier diets. The call to action is simple, if you know someone who is trying to change then offer encouragement and support.

If you have someone at work who is struggling to keep the new diet plan going, why not offer support by sending them a link to a healthy recipe that they might like? Offer to hit the gym with a colleague or friend to stoke the fires that they ignited at the beginning of the year when they signed up. It is often the small gestures of support and kindness that can keep the momentum going and help people along their journey.
Too often we can sit on the sidelines and watch as others struggle, but by helping with positive re-enforcement we can actually empower others to take charge of their lives. It doesn’t take much, it just takes a little thought for the person next to you. I believe that we have the power to lift each other up and make the world a more positive and inspired place… Don’t you?

There is a quote I re-read today and it slots in perfectly for the end of this post “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” ~ Buddha

Go out there and have an awesome week, and don’t forget to Stay Strong and Keep Moving!


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