New Year… NEW YOU..?

My questions to you this fine day are:Do you want to start the year off with a bang?
Do you want that summer six pack?
Do you want a program that will entirely reshape your life in 12 weeks?

If so then you might want to stop reading this and go somewhere else.

I have seen a lot of marketing over the festive period in relation to health and fitness… 12 week plans, eating clean in 15-20 minutes, workout DVDs – all great quality stuff. Well thought out and well delivered through clever marketing campaigns. Here’s where I’ll venture off into a little story….

In 2013 I saw an advert on the TV when I was walking through my friends lounge the one day. It looked like this…

Rippling six packs and sweaty bodies – the advert said that in 60 days I could own a body like that! I was sold, I got myself a copy of the workout program and started training relentlessly.

I never got that rippling six pack though, I nearly threw up a couple of times but I learned two very important lessons after 60 days of the program.

  1. I could actually stick to something for more than 1 week. 
  2. I was never, ever going to get that kind of body in just 60 days because goals like that take time. 

My points are fairly simple for the start of the year – firstly you are much stronger mentally and physically than you give yourself credit for. You have the ability to exceed your own expectations this year. You have the ability to feel better, to move better and to have a brighter happier life each and every single day.

Secondly there is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to achieving your goals. We are all unique individuals which means that we make choices each day that can have a positive and negative affect on our future, sometimes we need guidance on those choices and that is how my job was formed.

Ultimately the buck stops with what you decide to do.

Lastly you have to be able to enjoy the process. Enjoy every second of achieving your goals; every positive choice you make that you enjoy reinforces a positive relationship to a new habit.

You have the power to achieve great things, if you stumble just remember what I said before. You are much stronger mentally and physically than you give yourself credit for!

Have a great start to your year.

Stay Strong and Keep Moving!



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