Everything Is Awesome!

There another movie that I’ll always remember – I was on a plane from London to Dubai on the way to Botswana and the Lego Movie was on the TV. I absolutely loved it because it was simple and appealed to my silly sense of humour.
The movie centres around a character called Emmet who is not exactly the brightest guy in the world, but he is enthusiastic and just wants to be happy in life.

He has his ups and downs in the movie and slowly unlocks his true potential as the movie progresses. At the start of the movie you feel like he is striving to follow a recipe for a perfect life; it becomes clear that things don’t always go to plan but that is what makes his life more exciting and enjoyable.

The song he sings at the beginning and the theme song of the movie is called ‘everything is awesome,’ which will stick in your head for days if you listen to it. Despite the slightly satircal use of the song it actually touches on a fundamental part of the movie. Emmet believes that everything is awesome, he stumbles and fumbles and questions himself but ultimately ends up much better off in his life.

It is a new year – 2017 – which means that good things are going to happen, followed by bad things and then some more good things. That is the way of life, I think we can all take a leaf out of Emmet’s book (yes I know he doesn’t really exist) but we need to realise that tough times won’t last forever and with a little faith, hard work and self belief good things will happen.

I hope that helps you start your week in the best possible way. Be Awesome! Be Like Emmet!

Stay Strong and Keep Moving!


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