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Both Simon and I have clients that we help on a weekly basis – we are always trying to keep them progressing by offering as much peripheral support as possible. The major obstacle that we seem to come up against as personal trainers is TIME. Time is at the forefront of everyone’s mind when it comes to fitting in exercise, so we put our heads together and we have come up with a great solution to help people get some exercise in each week.
Let’s face it, people have busy lives and exercise, more often than not, takes a back seat. Simon and I are very passionate about getting people moving, we are also very solution based when it comes to getting people off their chairs and into some movement.

We have joined forces to make 20 minute high intensity exercise videos that can be used to train along with ANYWHERE! All you need is an internet connection and to sacrifice a few pounds every month, when I say that I mean money and weight! Money being £3.95 and weight is dependant on how often you train. 😃

We Move offers the weekly workout videos to you through a secure Member Zone on the We Move Website. The videos contain footage of me, training and Simon talking me, and you of course, through a simple workout.

The videos are uploaded every Friday and an email update is sent out to all the subscribers. To become a member you simply Sign Up by agreeing to a £3.95 monthly recurring payment to PayPal. We Move then creates a secure login for you in the member zone and you are all ready to go!

Our focus with each video is to deliver:

  1. A Short Sharp High Intensity Session
  2. To Get Your Heart Rate High
  3. To Build Muscular Endurance

The workouts have been designed to test you physically and mentally, that being said you don’t have to worry about being super fit to get involved. It is simply a case of pausing the workout if you are in desperate need of air. In short, anyone is fit enough to do the moves, regressions and progressions are available.

One point I’ll make is that I used this training style to lose my weight, I spent time learning how to manage my time to achieve my goals, I spent time each day and week building a strong mindset by pushing myself with HIIT training.

We Move started out as an idea to get people training hard, cutting out the gimmicks in the industry and getting people fitter no matter who or where they are. Over the last two months it has blossomed into a top quality fitness training tool with some great feedback from our trial groups.

Simon and I realise that not everyone has £40 per week that they can spend on personal training, we also realise that a lot of people need that extra push to get them to their goals. We Move offers affordability and world class expertise, not to mention the weekly motivation to push to your limits.

Give yourself 20 minutes, head to the link below and try the free workout to get your blood pumping and your body ready. Once you’ve trained you’ll be in love with the formatting so all you’ll need to do is simply follow the sign up instructions and you’re in!


The purpose of We Move for me, is to give another avenue of fitness to people, it compliments the work I do with Raw Motion Fitness and the work Simon does with his clients. So now is the time to get involved!

You may follow the workout on an iPhone, iPad or computer screen, you might train with friends or alone, the main thing to remember is that together we are striving to be better than we were yesterday, together we can exceed our own expectations in fitness. Together WE MOVE!

I hope that this post has let you know that there are options out there, don’t let yourself be governed by time, you will always have time its just about having the tools at your disposal to make it count and be fitter than you were yesterday!

Have a great week ahead, please share and comment with any feedback for myself and Simon!

Stay Strong and Keep Moving!


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