My work, over the last 3 years, has been put towards the blog and online clients. It has been a great time for me as having a business online and writing has allowed me to grow and spread my story far and wide. It has also given me the chance to connect with my past and understand what caused me to have my weight fluctuations. (More to come later this year in my book.)
Whilst working online has been awesome the fitness industry requires valuable first hand experience in coaching, especially if you are looking to expand and offer quality training sessions. Over the last 2 years Virgin Active Solihull has been instrumental in allowing me to learn and grow as a trainer and as a coach. Weekly classes, interaction time with members looking for help and training courses have taken me from being someone scared of talking to groups of people, to someone that thrives off the energy created when people come together for a positive, common cause. 

It became apparent to me last year that I needed to realise the potential in Raw Motion Fitness as a fitness brand and the potential in my own abilities as a coach. I had to re-read a books to help me clarify my thought processes, I spent many nights sleeping very little, trying to get my head around what I was going to do. 

“Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person.” – Albert Einstein.

I kept thinking to myself, ‘The more time that I spend investing in my own creative activity for my entire self, rather than spreading myself thin doing 40 hours a week as an employee, the more I will thrive.’ 

I made the decision to change things. 

Over the next four weeks Raw Motion Fitness will be expanding and taking on clients to train 121 in a private studio space in Solihull. I will be stepping out of my current role and focusing on my life’s work, Raw Motion Fitness. I have been communicating this to friends and family and it seems right that I blog about it.

This blog is where Raw Motion Fitness started and is a major part of my life. As a result of word of mouth I have already got 6 face to face clients on board, with space for 6 more at this time, so my slots are limited. 

The main website has changed to accommodate the different packages that I offer, one thing I will stress is that personal coaching is indeed PERSONAL. There are millions of ways to achieve great results, my role for the last 3 years has been; to facilitate a progression and change in an individual that promotes confidence in their posture and character through development of good movement patterns and good mindset. 

To me, there is nothing more rewarding that seeing someone become confident in themselves and their abilities, especially their ability to move. Being able to lift someone up and help them change their lives gives me immense job satisfaction. 

So why am I writing about this today?

Well, the first reason is that you might be stuck in a rut and need some help, if that is the case and you are online or in the Solihull area then let get in touch using the contact form below and we can have a chat for an hour to plan your future. As I mentioned before I have limited spaces available so get yourself on the form quick.

The second reason is that you might be in a similar situation to the one I was in a few months ago, unsure of whether to take the leap and believe whole heartedly in yourself.

The truth of the matter is that you should always believe in yourself. It was a tiny bit of faith and consistent hard work that got me to this point from the rather large person that I used to be. The best part about any positive change that you make, when you start to gather momentum it is simply just the beginning as good energy breeds good energy. Anyone is capable of changing their lives… If you don’t know where to start then get in touch and let’s work out a way forward.

Have a great week ahead, and remember you are awesome! You have the power to be more positive. You can Stay Strong and Keep Moving!


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