I don’t think we should show regret (unless you gave up killing people for lent, in which case, congratulations and now you should turn yourself into the police).

I think we should celebrate your achievement!

We have to realise that we live in a world and a universe of abundance; whether you believe it or not there is an abundance of love, money, food, water and most importantly HAPPINESS. The difference between agreeing to that statement and not is your prerogative, just as it mine to believe it so.

The thing that I’d like to stress is that of empowerment over restriction this week. I have written about it before (HERE). Whether you gave up booze, chocolate, pizza or gave up swearing you have to realise the power of the choice that you have made. You should celebrate the choice you made for a positive decision in your life.

You have chosen to give up something you enjoy to appreciate being able to have it in your life. You may be sitting there thinking that you can’t have what you want because of the choice you have made. If we restrict ourselves through our mentality, “I can’t have this or that…” Then we are re-enforcing a negative association to the thing that we have given up.

This week is the last blog that I will write for a couple of weeks as I will be going away for Easter. So let’s leave it on a positive note, if you gave up something for lent then WELL DONE! Be proud of what you have done and realise that you chose to do something positive rather than tortured yourself for 40 days…

That goes for any positive change that you make in your life in general; do it because you understand the benefit of a positive choice and spend your time celebrating your victories each day. 

Have a fantastic couple of weeks and I’ll be back on Monday the 24th of April with more positive vibes to share with you! Until then, STAY STRONG AND KEEP MOVING! 



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