VOLP – Understand, question, learn and thrive.

The most important lesson he taught me was when he introduced our class to the phrase VOLP.

His ethos was simple, when ever you are presented with information you should assess it based on it’s Value, it’s Origin, it’s Limitation and it’s Purpose. I felt it only right to share this with you today, after all, sharing is caring!

So how does this translate to what I blog about here at Raw Motion Fitness? Well, my mission with this blog and with my clients is to empower people. A lot of what I write about is linked to weight loss and being a healthier, stronger version of oneself.

It is clear to anyone who is stepping into the fitness industry that there is a world of opinion regarding the ‘best’ ways to get fit, lose weight, etc. So much so that it can overwhelm and discourage people before they have even had a chance to enjoy the great feelings that come with progress and achieving goals.

Let’s say that someone shares a link to an article/video about weight loss with you – you can apply the VOLP rule…

Understand the VALUE of the article; is it relevant to your goals and your situation? What can you learn from it and apply to your life? Does it align with your values and your core beliefs?

Then you’ve got to figure out the ORIGIN; Is it a genuine, credible source? Is the article/ video from an obscure person?

After that you can assess the LIMITATIONS of what you are reading or being presented. Is the person writing the article/ in the video coming from a severely biased perspective? Are they actually well rounded in their opinion? Have they got a big following of people? Are those followers genuine? What do those people have to say about their advice?

The final part of the assessment should be regarding the PURPOSE of the information you are presented. Why was it written or recorded? Are you being led down a path towards a purchase? If so then head back the the Value part and assess the product, will it offer you long term success or just a short term fix?

The reason this came to mind is because Facebook alerted me on ways to spot some fake content the other day. I was taken on a tour of the many ways in which people manipulate videos and disseminate articles for clicks and views and all other nonsense.

There are a thousands of different opinions that you’ll come across the further into the fitness industry that you go, the best thing that you can do for yourself is try and be objective when assessing information. One particular way of eating and exercising might not suit you, if there was one solution to the world’s health issues then the industry wouldn’t really exist in the same capacity as it does today.

I thought that VOLP could help you start your week strong coming back off and Easter, and maybe one too many Easter eggs.  Most people I talk to might sum up their goals in fitness with the following statement, “I want to lose weight and tone up.” When you delve a little deeper, those same people are looking to feel better, move better, look better and to achieve it in a way that they can sustain in a  healthy positive way.

The best way I have found to do that is to start by understanding the process, questioning, learning as much as possible and applying the relevant information, therefore creating an environment where you can thrive!

Have a great week ahead. Stay Strong and Keep Moving!


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