My Laughter Hero!

I remember a lot of laughter, the one that sticks out the most is Mr Blobby. Now, I’m not from the UK but I do remember my dad coming back from a business trip to the UK with a video tape (VHS) of Mr Blobby… I really can’t describe the level of laugher that ensued after pressing play.
Coming over to the UK I thought that everyone would have seen it, I mean come on, it was hilarious. As it turns out my perception of Mr Blobby was completely different to people in the UK that actually knew who he was. It turned out that the VHS I had grown up watching was simply a compilation of his greatest moments on TV… When I found this out I felt like there was a whole world of  people who had truly missed out.

It probably loses a lot in translation, but at the time it was the funniest thing that I had ever seen – it’s not because of the actual theatrics, its because he was so rubbish at moving around in that suit. The clumsiness and the way Garth cannot control himself all led to me absolutely dying with laughter as a child. Now that I am more grown up I think back and chuckle. I might watch the video a few times each year as a real ‘pick me up.’

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know that I love to go off on a tangent then swoop it back around… I’m all about the positive vibes and laughing is one of the best sources of goodness that you can give your body.

It is an integral part of any fitness class or clients session that I do – I have a very dry sense of humour and I tend to make awkward jokes to get people to smile. I think that is all part of a giant recipe that can make us feel better about ourselves.

My question to you today is can you find your own Mr Blobby? Can you find something that makes you laugh and smile and helps you reconnect with your inner child? Put some laugher at the forefront of your day and you’ll soon find that the bad stuff that you can’t control will soon become less of a thing to worry about.

Sure it’s not all butterflies rainbows and giant Mr Blobby’s in my life each day – but finding time to laugh is something I’ve come to love.

There’s always something to smile about – even if it is an idiot in a pink and yellow polka dot costume that falls over a lot.

Have a great week ahead.

Stay Strong and Keep Moving


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