We are all fallible…

Despite the shameful behaviour of those that leaked his arrest videos, his situation reminded me of a few things;  the most important of which is to take the pressure off myself. I think we are all guilty of placing huge amounts of pressure on ourselves in some way, whether it is ‘keeping up with the Joneses,’ being ’successful,’ or driving a fancy car… Let me explain…
As humans we are inherently flawed, I think in many ways people can spend their whole lives trying to avoid imperfection. We revere celebrities and people who achieve a lot with their talents because in their field they exemplify some form of perfection.

I look around today and I see kids growing up with Instagram feeds filled with filtered faces, perfect lighting highlighting aesthetics, Facebook statuses filled with people unknowingly contributing to a narcissistic digital persona. A filtered perfection. We are all guilty of it, I am too, remember we are all flawed individuals like I said.

I write this blog to reach out and build trust with people, I write it to help YOU realise that despite how the world may seem some times, there is awesome stuff happening every day.  With all that said I have been deeply saddened by the news of Tiger being arrested. It saddened me because he is having to deal with failure and breakdown (if you’ve not read about his story in much depth then take some time to read this comprehensive account of his life to date.)

In short, his marriage, his relationship with his father and now his body have all failed. For a man who was deemed invincible at one point that must be a pretty tough burden to bear. It saddened me more to read that despite the support for him to ‘look after himself’ there was little mention of the fact that he is still one of the greatest influencers the world has ever seen…

We celebrated his victories and hated him losing because he was the ‘perfect’ golfer in many people’s eyes – we admired his work ethic and his respect for the game – we marvelled at his creative genius and his ability to stay in the moment. Mentally and physically he was better than any other player alive. He was an athlete in a time where golfers were anything but.

He still drives sales for golf companies, creates jobs and infrastructure with his personal brand and has inspired countless junior golfers to head out into the world and become the best versions of themselves. He has lifted so many people in his lifetime through his foundations, not to mention the outreach work that the PGA Tour do week in and week out with underprivileged communities. Tiger has helped so many people in so many ways and he did all through passion and love for his sport.

Watching things unravel for him with the marital scandal and this most recent DUI should remind us that we are all fallible.  A natural response to a celebrity, or sports hero showing weakness is criticism, it seems a scolding in the public eye makes everyone feel better about their mistakes, but here’s the thing; highlighting someones else’s flaws doesn’t result in a better world. It just results in people being pushed apart.

“That what I am involves what you are. I don’t know who I am unless I know who you are and you don’t know who you are unless you know who I am.” Alan Watts

In other words you and I are not separate. Two sticks alone are simply two sticks, if you lean two sticks together at the right angle they can stand together and the more you add in the right way the more structure and support there is. Take one away and they will fall. We are all locked together and a part of this universe together but we haven’t been taught to feel that way about ourselves.

In my view the only way forward (for us and Tiger) in this world is with support, I would never have been able to change my life without the support of my family and friends, they wanted me to succeed in my weight loss and cheered me every step of the way. The same way that my clients depend on me for support; I cheer them on, I’m there to push them when they want to give in and there to congratulate them when they succeed.

Think of it like this; a tree needs soil, water, wind, sunlight and rain to grow strong for it cannot do it alone.

Tiger is going through something in his life that is tough, possibly something that a lot of us can identify with. I for one will stand by him and show support because I’ve been there, I lost the chance to play the sport that I love as a career and it hurts. I failed at achieving what I set forth in my mind and it hurt, but I rose again with the support of others. Whilst I still doubt myself and question my decisions each day I know that I am an able and capable person with a lot to offer the world and so are you! 

So my final thoughts for this week are simple:

  1. Take the pressure off ourselves and each other.
  2. Reserve judgement and offer support to everyone around because if you put goodness out into the world it will come back around. 
  3. Remember that perfection is a noun, a noun that denotes an idea – there is no true example of what is perfect – just a subjective idea in each of our heads. Therefore let’s strive to be the best we can be each day. 

I wish Tiger well and I hope that one day he can read this and understand that even in his darkest time he still helped me to understand myself and the world around me a little better. He helped me reach out to you today with this rather long blog post and hopefully make an impact in your week so that you can go out into the world and be better than you were yesterday.

Stay Strong and Keep Moving!


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