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I have had a very interesting few weeks and there have been various moments where my self awareness has kicked in and forced me to question myself. Each week I spend a lot of time on each blog post because it is very important to me that I help to spread positivity and joy. The world is in desperate need of it.
Since losing weight I have truly believed that we are in control of what surrounds us and how our lives take shape. How we project ourselves to the world has a direct correlation to what we receive. Lately I have watched things around me that have not taken shape and as a result I have struggled to see the glass half full. Emotion has been high and the time for rational thought has been less than adequate; this has resulted in the feeling that I am trying to force things to happen in my life that are not ready yet.

Looking over the blog post I had written for tomorrow; it is full of anger and frustration, it is something that the readers of this blog would not be expecting.

There are always going to be times in life that call for deep reflection and I cannot allow this blog to endure me forcing content for the sake of continuity.

Quality and positivity is what I have been working towards each week since 2014 and whilst this blog means a great deal to me Monday’s motivational segment could quite easily turn into the forced chore of the week. I will not allow that to happen.

I’d like to take this time to say thank you for your readership of the blog, I will be taking an indefinite hiatus from posting.

Hopefully in some time I can come back to these weekly posts with a renewed sense of purpose.

As always Stay Strong and Keep Moving.


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