ZUU in TWO – Global Initiative

ZUU is all about movement and standing in that room having lost 64 kilograms I knew that movement (and good nutrition) saved my life.
After all, movement is life.

I was introduced to ZUU training by a few trainers at Solihull Virgin Active in 2015 and I have mentioned ZUU in total about 16 times in this blog… Here’s the search result if you’d like to catch up with some reading on it. https://goo.gl/8Y79Yr

Over the last two years ZUU has given me the chance to change my approach and interaction with people. It has helped form some really strong habits in my life. It has provided me the chance to build a business (We Move Fitness) with a friend that encompasses everything I stand for when it comes to movement, lifestyle and exercise.

The most important part for me is about the community it has formed. If you watch my first ever YouTube video (CLICK HERE) then you’ll hear a very squeamish Brendan talk about building a community… Fast forward to today and I am lucky enough to be a part of a community of people who want to make themselves better each day, within Raw Motion Fitness, within Virgin Active Solihull, within We Move Fitness and within the global community of people who do ZUU from Australia to the USA.

With that said, there is a push to put ZUU in TWO, a simple exercise drill, into the minds and lives of an even bigger global community, my challenge to you today is to try this out. It is two short, simple and effective exercises to add to your day to make you feel better and move better.

When dealing with fitness and change in your life, remember three things. 

  1. If you don’t try you’ll never know if you can do it or not. Your mind might be saying no, and I’ve been there. I’ve also seen people who don’t believe that they can move, I’ve been next to them bear crawling whilst they were  literally telling me that they couldn’t do a bear crawl… Whilst they were actually doing a bear crawl… 
  2. A little bit is better than nothing. 
  3. Progression in anything takes time, just keep chipping away, pushing a little more each day and the results will come.

There will be more on progression next week in a super duper special blog post, for now just remember that you can do what you want to do, you just have to give it a go!

Start your day with ZUU in TWO and remember to…

Stay strong and keep moving!


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