I think that in today’s society, I’m talking about the society that I see directly around me, there is the very real condition amongst most adults… Im calling the condition, ‘the bubble’. ‘The bubble’ occurs when we immerse ourselves in a reality that we are less than happy with. It also happens when we are so over loaded that we forget to stop and appreciate the things and people we have in our lives.
Our nature as humans is very forward thinking and whilst my job is to be forward thinking (helping people achieve their goals for the future) it is also about making people realise their current situation. Mostly, this entails reminding each person that what they are doing is pretty awesome.

I’ll try and phrase this another way… About a year ago I wrote a couple of blog posts on Brian Sibiya – a friend who came from a very humble beginning to be a personal trainer with me at Virgin Active.

Shortly after I wrote those posts Brian got his papers through from his Church to go on a mission to South Africa. In the short time that we spent together I realised that he was one of the most thankful people I have ever met.

I learned a lot from spending time with him, the most important was taking time to look at the life I have around me, friends, family, loved ones, a roof over my head and being thankful for it. I think it can be very easy to slip into ‘the bubble’ sometimes and forget that, for the most part, life isn’t as bad as we sometimes may think…

We might complain in the UK about having a string of bad weather recently, or a bad summer, but on the flip side we can be thankful that our homes haven’t been taken in a hurricane.

We might complain that we haven’t got the fitness levels of a greek god, but there are people struggling to move because they’ve got a disease, or they have lost the ability to walk.

I could be here all day with reasons for the world to be more thankful but the truth is I can only make you think of examples, and that is a big difference to thinking and feeling thankful on your own.

So this is my plan for the week, as I write this I am setting a reminder in my phone to notify me each day to take some time to be thankful, the reminder is set to break me from ‘the bubble’.

What that means is that I will just sit and write out 5 things I am thankful for.  The reason I am doing this is because last week I got  a bit mentally lost in ‘the bubble’. At this point I encourage you to finish this up and grab a pen and paper to join in this little challenge I have set forth.

  1. That I have people in my life that love me and make me smile each day. 
  2. I’m thankful that I am fitter and healthier than I was a few years ago.
  3. That I have a job that I enjoy.
  4. That I have a really warm duvet because winter is nearly here.
  5. I’m thankful that I have food to eat each day.

So with that said, are you up for the challenge today of taking time everyday for a week to write down what you are thankful for? I hope that you are and I hope that by doing this challenge you find that any bubbles disappear 🙂

Have a great week ahead!

Stay strong and keep moving!


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