A thankful follow up…

I did my list of 5 things every day, here it is below…

On Monday last week something happened that forced me to look within myself in a very short space of time and make a decision.

I had to make a decision to face conflict or back away.

In the brief moments when I had to decide what to do I knew that the decision to take action would cause a ripple effect and more issues that I didn’t and still don’t want to deal with.

I also knew that the decision to ignore action would mean I would question my own integrity for a very long time…

In that brief moment I was taken back to my school days where my inability to stand up for my values compromised my happiness at school. I have written about this in the first draft of my book but, basically for a whole year, instead of standing up for myself and what was right I ran away – I chose to hide at another school and before long the same things started to happen. Before I knew it I was literally in a corner having to choose; do I stand up for my values or do I submit. I chose at that point to stand up for my values, my problems were over within the day.

This past week has tested my mental resolve more than I expected it to because I decided to stand up for my values. By doing so I caused the ripple effect that has caused me anxiety, a lack of sleep and a whole range of emotions, the issue is still not resolved. However, at the end of each day I still wrote down 5 things I was thankful for.

My thankful list has been the final part of my day where I have been lying in bed and reassessing each day, picking   out anything I can think of that I am truly thankful for…

I think sometimes people expect me to be a happy go lucky guy 24 hours a day 7 days a week and in reality that is not the case, I try to see the glass half full when I can, but I’ve said it before, we’re all fallible.

I often say this to my clients, you can find the good things, the wins, the positives, in each day if you just take some time to realise them. I’ve had to apply that to my life before and this week it has been pivotal to helping me get through. So with that said, if you have done your list then keep it going! If you haven’t then give it a go!

It only takes a few weeks to engrain a new habit, so keep it going, the more you do it the more you’ll be able to realise the good in your day and in your life 🙂

Have an awesome week ahead guys!

Stay strong and keep moving!


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