Audible (audio books) is my only way to absorb books at the moment as I find that I tend to fall asleep too fast if I read in bed, and when I do read the books either hit me in the forehead or end up falling on the floor and waking me up… Anyhoo. The book I was listening to was talking about motivation being only a small part of any kind of change or thing that we do.
It got me thinking back to when I was trying to lose weight and the whole idea of the motivation spiral. The diagram below will explain what I mean and how most of us view the process of change.

You could argue that some find inspiration then motivation. Today I’m not saying that the above image is wrong, but the reality is that there are a two steps before action in this specific spiral. If you are at the bottom of that spiral the chances of staying at the bottom increase because the action step is often the hardest for people to take.

Im suggesting today that we flip things up to face the spiral in the image below.

Instead of trying to motivate yourself and find inspiration just tell yourself that those two already exist and the only thing left to do is act.

Now let’s remember I am blogging here about change in your life, positive change, be it with mindset and most likely exercise. Most people get stuck in the first spiral because of the FEAR OF FAILURE which I have discussed before.

We often let our heads get in the way of affirmative action, hence last week’s blog post was on point. Less talking from me and more action. 50 burpees a day for 20 days, you might be sitting there saying, ‘ah well, I can’t do that!’ Or, ‘that is too advanced for me.’

My response would be simple, don’t look for spiral number 1. TAKE ACTION and work within spiral number 2. Realistically lying down on the floor and standing back up is something that a rather large majority of people can do. It doesn’t matter if you do your first set in 50 minutes or 1 minute because you are looking for your incremental improvement over the 20 days.

When I set out to make this website I started with a WordPress domain and a YouTube video on how to build a website. As I got more involved the name came to me through inspiration, I had absolutely no idea what I would put on the website, I just knew I had to do something. Slowly the motivation to write and the inspiration to share my story became more apparent and thus Raw Motion Fitness was born.

What I’m saying today is rather than get caught up in the thought process or build up to action to change your circumstance just do something different. Call in sick from work and go for a long walk, spend the day nurturing your health and put yourself first, read that book that you’ve been meaning to read, or join that gym that you have been meaning to check out. Just change one thing in your day with a positive and build on it each day with affirmative action.

You’ll soon notice that action leads to more inspiration then to motivation and the cycle will continue and you will grow and change.

So today’s challenge is, go back to last week’s blog post and get started on your own 20 day challenge!

Today’s challenge is to TAKE ACTION!

Have a great week, Stay Strong and Keep Moving!


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