The Diamond Falls

Being a personal trainer I am constantly learning, learning new things about the human body, learning how to deal with people and learning to deal with the idea that the more I learn, the more learning I feel I need to do…
Each day I learn about people, I learn how they move, how they think regarding exercise and lifestyle changes and each day it hits home that there are a lot of people out there striving to do good things for themselves, striving to over come obstacles in their lives.

About 9 months into working at Virgin Active in Solihull we got a new personal trainer on our team, his name was  and still is, Gaz. He had recently returned from Australia and eventually became my manager, as time ticked on we became good friends and even climbed a mountain together – see this masterpiece of a video: SNOWDON 2016

The reason I mention him today is because last week he self published a novel. It’s taken a year for him to polish up the final draft and I was very grateful to be one of the first to read it and give my review on it. It is fun, fast paced and will get you hooked in the first few pages, a good read.

I’m not one for reading many novels, I’m more into books that relate to mindset and personal development or that fall in line with my work. However, I managed to read his book cover to cover in a couple of days because it was fun to read. If you like an adventure novel then follow this link and let’s collectively make him a best seller! 

You might be wondering why I am plugging an adventure novel? Well, Gaz is a great friend and has done a lot for me as a friend and on a professional front in the last 18 months. However, I mention him and his book is because I know that when he was writing the book it wasn’t the easiest time of his life.

That is why I am proud to bring him into my blog today, because despite adversity he still reached a goal that he had set for himself. His book might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the point is that he set out with a dream and has put the hours in to achieve it.

He didn’t write the book overnight, he wrote it by chipping away at it, reading it, editing it and repeating that process until he felt he was happy enough to publish. He didn’t write the book with the intention of being a multi billionaire, although I’m sure he wouldn’t mind; he wrote it because he wanted to do it for himself. That translates so well for me to life, it reminds me, and now can hopefully remind you that the path to achieving your goals, be it in fitness, or in getting contentment in your life, is to be mindful of the plan and chip away one step at a time.

Just to drive the point home again, Stephen King is possibly one the worlds most famous authors, not everyone likes his work, but he didn’t get there by writing a couple of good books. He got there because he is known for routinely writing 1000 words a day. I’m pretty sure that some days he doesn’t feel like writing but I’m sure he gets the job done anyway…

So with that said, you now have a cool youtube video of Gaz and I climbing a mountain together and a great book to read! As well as the advice that some days may not be your best, but if you show up and keep your goal in mind then you might just get to where you want to be! Take that into your week and make it a good one…

See yo next Monday.

Stay Strong and Keep Moving!


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