Stay Active

This is my view (below) when I get out the house in the mornings.

Now, that is often the view on nice days and considering there is a lot of rain in England that is not the view most days. Having grown up in Africa I can categorically say that any glimpse of sunlight makes me yearn for warmer weather.

It’s normally in those moments that I become very thankful for the ability to enjoy being outside and walking outside in the early mornings. Even if it is a short walk to the car and a drive into work in the early hours of the morning. Why am I thankful you ask? Well, up until a few years ago the only time I ever saw 5am was after a late night out or coming home from a crazy late shift in a bar where I completely hated my job.

I would never be getting up to exercise and certainly wouldn’t want to move from bed unless it was to go to work or the shops for cigarettes and crisps.

Every time I walk out my doors and the sun is shining I take that little bit longer to get to my car, I sometimes take a walk when I can, or I simply stop for a moment and appreciate the fact that my life has changed for the better. I’m, thankful that I’m not lying in my bed every single day off, smoking 20 cigarettes, letting food comas kick in to ‘get extra rest’ and hoping against all hope that I don’t have to get out the house.

This month is important for a lot of people, for most, it is about family and spending time with loved ones. I’m here to say that you should make this month count for the better by keeping active. Keep yourself moving, don’t put things off until the New Year because you could miss moments like the one that I saw the other day, blue skies, fresh air and sunshine!

Stay active this holiday and encourage others to be active too. It just might help save someone’s life. I know that movement saved mine!

Have a great week ahead!

Stay Strong and Keep Moving!


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