Christmas Wagon!

I’d like to say that I fall into the first category, and in years gone by I would probably urge towards staying the course and being completely focused during the holiday season, especially with clients facing tough choices. The reality is that the festive season is about family and loved ones and with good times, comes good food!
I now fall somewhere in between the two categories and I encourage you to take a look at the video at the bottom of this post for some Christmas advice.

Whilst I train clients face to face at Virgin Active in Solihull I also run an online training company for people looking for help with their fitness and health but can’t get to a gym, lack confidence or who need to supplement their training on the go.

I made the video this week for the We Move Fitness followers and also to crossover into the Raw Motion Fitness motivational Monday!

The video below encompasses my advice and Kate’s thoughts on approaching Christmas and keeping the holiday weight at bay.

Kate is a mum of two and a very inspirational woman to many people. Kate is doing the workouts in series 5 of the We Move Fitness catalogue. Kate is not a fitness professional, whilst being a mum of two she is also a music teacher and hearing her thoughts on how she plans to deal with Christmas can be very relatable to a lot of mothers and parents out there.

Kate has proven to herself and others that your body can be pushed beyond it’s limits but has also learned a lot about not being too hard on herself; have a listen to her thoughts on Christmas time and see if you can apply them to your holiday routine. There will be more on her story in another video soon!

If you haven’t seen We Move Fitness before then get yourself over to the website and check it out. There is a 30 day free trial running at the moment and it there are also gift options available for Christmas!

I’d like to take this time to thank you for following this blog, whether you are a client at Virgin or you found me online it is great to be able to reach people with my ramblings week in and week out.

This week will mark the last blog post of the year, with the 1st of January landing on a Monday you’ll see a new motivational post on the first day of the new year!

Have an awesome Christmas and a very happy new year and I’ll write again in 2018!

Stay strong and keep moving!


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